Getting Started with Fertility Treatment

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Getting started with fertility treatment at our Virginia office involves a patient-centered, comprehensive approach.

Just as there are many factors that can cause infertility, there also are many factors that can affect your chances for successful treatment including your age, your personal diagnosis, duration of infertility, and the number of previous unsuccessful treatment attempts. In addition, chances for your success will be influenced greatly by the specialists involved with your care and continued attention to details.

VCRM’s medical and laboratory teams work closely together and draw from their collective clinical experiences, this team of physicians, embryologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals will develop an optimal treatment plan specifically for you. Your doctor will continuously monitor where you are in your personal treatment plan and where you may be going, ensuring the overall direction of our care.

Whether you are already diagnosed or just beginning to explore treatment, you can be confident with a patient-centered, comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

At VCRM, the couple is also an integral part of the treatment equation, and we rely on you to provide us with complete and accurate information about your history with infertility, and to communicate with us openly while you are in our care. That is why we strongly encourage both partners to attend the initial consultation.

A Washingtonian magazine online poll in the March 2012 issue entitled “What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve About Going to the Doctor” showed that 35% complained about the long wait, 30% complained about getting an appointment in the first place, and 28% complain about the forms and insurance hassle (9% complain about the louzy magazines and doctor-promoting TV). At VCRM, you never have to worry about any of those things (we cannot account for the insurance hassle though but we make an effort to check your insurance benefits BEFORE your appointment). All our current and former patients appreciate the effort we put in respecting your time and never making you wait to be seen (and we never make you watch doctor-promoting TV).