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Chad A. Johnson, PhD, HCLD

Chad A. Johnson, PhD, HCLD

Dr. Johnson is the IVF Laboratory Director for VCRM. He was Director of Laboratories for ACRM (later CCRM Atlanta) for 19 years. Dr. Johnson also currently directs other laboratories as well. He has been involved in clinical IVF for 30 years following doctoral work at Clemson University. Under Dr. Robert A. Godke, he received his master’s degree in Reproductive Physiology and received a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Delaware.

Our Laboratory Director served on the nominating committee for the RBPIG for three years, the third year as chair. Dr. Johnson also served on the Program committee for RBPIG, and has served as faculty on several ASRM Postgraduate courses. In addition, he has served on the Planning committee and has served as a member of the Bylaws committee for the AATB.

In addition to his current collaborations, Dr. Johnson has helped build and direct several IVF laboratories around the country. He was off-site director for ECU Women’s Physicians for over 20 years.

Working in collaboration with the Cincinnati Zoo, Dr. Johnson assisted in the birth of the first domestic kittens using both SUZI and ICSI. He also served on a team of scientists at the Cincinnati Zoo responsible for the birth of the first IVF gorilla baby.

Dr. Johnson is married with four children. He enjoys several sports and family trips to the mountains and the beach.

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