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Patient Testimonials

At VCRM, we are grateful to have had and continue to have so many terrific patients. We consider all of them our one big happy family and we can not express the joy we feel each time we are able to help them grow their family. Below are just a few of the testimonials that are customers have shared with us over the years.

Dear VCRM family

Thank you for being my support system over the last year. I came to you with insecurities, fear and confusion. You took my hand and guided us through a complex process and reassured us the entire way! You’ve become our family and we’re so thankful to all of you for your unconditional care and generosity. Regardless of what life has in store for our future, we’ll forever be grateful to all of you for your care!



Dear Dr Sharara

From the moment we met you we knew we came to the right place! We cannot thank you enough for your care and encouragement. We trusted you wholeheartedly. You made us feel so comfortable, loved, and supported. We are so thankful and blessed to finally be pregnant-thanks to you! We cannot wait for you to meet our little one!

K and F

Dear Dr Sharara

One of my favorite sayings is “love makes a family”. When we started this journey we were so terrified about being accepted. But from day 1 you’ve made us feel loved and a part of your family. from greeting us at each appointment with hugs, to your prayers for our future. Thank you for always putting up with my anxious banter and crazy things I say under anesthesia (LOL). Most importantly thank you for always reassuring us that our dreams to be mommies will come true. You truly prove that love does make a family and we are forever grateful for you.

Love, R, S, and Peanut

Dear Dr Sharara and the VCRM Family

On December 23, 2017 we welcomed our little girl into the world. As we reflected on our journey, we did not forget that this beautiful miracle was created with the help of the VCRM family. When we walked into your office a little over a year before having her we realized right away that this was more than just a fertility clinic, but rather a loving group of people who truly cared about our journey to get pregnant. Every time we came into your office we were greeted warmly with big smiles and hugs. As you are all aware, going through fertility treatment is not easy. However, being able to have the support from all of you made it much more bearable.

Dr Sharara-your positive attitude and optimistic views always kept us hopeful that one day we would become the parents we desired to be, even when things didn’t always go as we had hoped.

There are no words or gifts that can express how thankful we are for all that you have done for our family. So, we write this letter with the most loving and meaninfgul thank you we can give you! Thank you for making our dreams of becoming parents a reality. We look forward to seeing you all soon as we begin trying for baby number two!

Love, L and JN

Dear Dr Sharara

We will forever be grateful to you for giving us the gift of a child. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement through such and emotional journey. Your support and communication about the process put us at ease. We appreciate your guidance and all that you have taught us about healthy lifestyles. Thank you to you and your amazing staff for helping us with such patience and thoughtfulness. We can’t thank you enough (D&A, posted 5/6/16)

I had peace in my heart the moment I walked into VCRM.. something told me I was finally  at the right place…
Thank you all for your love and care.. and biggest thanks to Dr Sharara… he is truly a genius and blessed at what he does.. had so much faith in him and he didn’t prove me wrong. (AT, posted 5/4/16)

To the wonderful people of VCRM:

There are no words that could adequately express how grateful JC and I are for all that you have done for us. Your unfailing kindness made a stressful process so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m sure we will see you all again (A &JC, posted 3/6/15)

Dear Dr Sharara

We are thankful that we came to seek your advice which resulted in two amazing babies. It made our dreams come true and we will be forever thankful to you (posted 12/18/14)

Dear Dr. Sharara, Jo, Melissa, Ellen and Trisha,

We had an amazing journey, which is now complete with the birth of our daughter, AG. Our family simply cannot truly express the love and thanks we have in our hearts for the beauty made possible by your expertise.  Dr. Sharara, from the moment we met you we knew we were in the best hands. You did not sugar coat what we needed to do, but you gave us the honesty and compassion to make this miracle possible.  After a series of let downs with another fertility center in Pennsylvania, we turned to you, a highly respected doctor my sister and her husband entrusted with helping in the birth of my two nephews.  It was no easy logistical feat traveling 2+ hrs each way to attend our appointments, but we knew Dr. Sharara is the best in the field.  Ellen and Trisha, we loved listening to your humor and realness at the front desk.  Melissa, your professionalism was a compliment to all.  Jo, we felt your warm compassion and genuine kindness the whole way through.  From the bottom of hearts, THANK YOU!!  God bless. (posted 12/1/14)

Dear Dr Sharara and staff

Your caring, kindness, and expertise over the last year gave us the greatest gift we could ever ask for: a healthy baby boy! We hope that everyone is doing well at VCRM, ad will be bringing T.. by to say Hi! P,E&T (posted 7/18/14)

Dear Dr Sharara

Thank you for taking the time to meet us. We left your office feeling very comfortable and confident that you will have our best interests in mind as you help us achieve a successful pregnancy. We are looking forward to being under your care. Z&A (posted 6/10/14)

I am grateful for the extraordinary care I received from Dr. Fady Sharara and his team at VCRMED and I hope my experience encourages you to choose them to achieve your family planning goals. This review is long overdue and it was hard for me to prepare as there are not enough words to express my appreciation of Dr. Sharara and his team for helping my husband and I become expectant parents. It has been a long road for us and we are thrilled to be awaiting the arrival of our twins (boy and girl) in August. For background, my husband and I were unsuccessful conceiving naturally due to my age and history of endometriosis. Adjusting to the fact that I would need to undergo fertility treatments to increase our chances of success was difficult and at times emotionally, physically and financially draining. We started the process with a large, well-known regional organization, and after only a few appointments, we were immediately discouraged by several administrative errors as well as the impersonal/baby factory nature of their facility. My husband researched other options and found VCRMED in Reston. We scheduled a consultation with Dr. Sharara in March 2012 and immediately knew we were in the right place.

I was under Dr. Sharara’s care for close to one year and participated in three IVF cycles. With every visit, I came to view the team at VCRMED as family and greatly appreciated the personal care and attention I received. Dr. Sharara, Melissa, Jo, Ellen, Trisha, and Cheryl championed my husband and I every step of the way and I always felt like I was their favorite patient. The office has a boutique feel and was warm and inviting. I was always seen on time (sometimes a few minutes early) and worked in promptly whenever I had an issue. And I could always reach Melissa and Jo after hours by phone or text whenever I had a concern. I found Dr. Sharara to be a very intelligent, decisive and charming person and trusted his judgment throughout the entire process.

Dr. Sharara’s attention to detail went beyond just the comfortable care and warm yet professional atmosphere I experienced. His up-to-date knowledge and exacting attitude supported his attention to minor conditions that might otherwise be overlooked at another facility. For example, he placed me on a prescription for blood thinners due to a potential condition that could cause miscarriage but was otherwise harmless.  I feel many facilities would have overlooked this particular situation. In addition, Dr. Sharara recommended other treatments and courses of care that I did not expect, but were strongly supported by recent medical literature. My husband and I felt he and his team did everything that was scientifically possible to increase our odds of success.  This was incredibly appreciated during such a challenging time for both of us.

Finding a Doctor’s office that offers the level of patient care and attention to detail that you will find at VCRMED is a rarity these days and they have certainly raised the bar for other offices. While many people dread Dr. appointments, I actually looked forward to mine as going through something as stressful as fertility treatments, I felt comforted surrounded by a wonderful team that knew our situation and wanted the best for us. And even after achieving success and becoming pregnant, I must admit I felt sad leaving, knowing I would no longer see Dr. Sharara and his team on a regular basis. Needless to say, we can’t wait to visit again and introduce our two babies to Dr. Sharara and his team in the fall!

With love and gratitude,

CD & BC (posted 6/9/14)

Dear Dr Sharara

After almost 9 months our baby boy will be born tomorrow. There are not enough words to thank you for giving us the greatest gift of our lives. From the first day I walked into your office I felt at home and I knew that I was finally in the right place. You covered every detail to ensure we got pregnant and never rushed the process. From my diet to necessary surgical procedures that other doctors didn’t even consider. We always felt 100% confident that we were doing the best we could because we had you and your staff by our side. The nurses were truly amazing people who always made us feel cared for. Melissa was always available for my calls or e-mails, even when I had to call on the weekend because something didn’t feel right or e-mailed late at night.  I will never forget each one of your staff who were all so supportive and patient, and who always greeted us with an honest and caring smile. We never felt like a number, which is how we did at the other clinic we first visited. You are truly an amazing doctor with an amazing team and we feel so lucky that you all came into our lives. You will always have a special palace in our hearts. We want to have another baby in the near future and, while I hope nature will work its magic, knowing that we can count on you to make that second dream come true makes all the difference.

K and PH (posted 5/31/14)

Dear Dr Sharara

I hope you are flooded with cards during this season of appreciation and thanksgiving. If you are we hope our note is a standout. If you are not, I hope our note fills your heart and lets you know that everyone whose lives you have changed has the same sentiments, just perhaps not the time to share, certainly due only to the gift you have helped them create.

We cannot begin to tell you the joy B… brings to us each and every day. With his first smile, laugh, steps and word we are reminded how lucky we are. He has a way with people like I have never seen before. He brings out the best in people and they cannot help but comment on what a beautiful child he is; inside and out. You had faith in us and didn’t give up. You called me a “tough cookie”, but you were also tough. Perseverance is usually a word used to describe couples who try time and time again to have their miracle come true. That word I use for you. Your care, commitment, and dedication to your craft is a blessing.

Thank you for changing our lives and the lives of so many others. L, B and B.

You guys really are an amazing team. From day one you have been supportive and accommodating to us. Your office is one that is warm and inviting. For something as stressful as IVF, you make all the office visits pleasant and enjoyable. I only wish you delivered babies! this office is everything health care should be. Thank you a million times over. AB

Dear Dr Sharara

Thank you! Thank you for helping D and I achieve our greatest dream… She is absolutely perfect. You and the ladies in your office (Jo, Ellen, etc) really made a very scary and overwhelming situation so much easier to attack head on! We are forever grateful to you and your team. D and I are your biggest fans and we haven’t stopped sharing it with everyone we know. There is not enough words to say how thankful we are that we chose you as our doctor. Thank you again!

Dear Dr Sharara

Thank you so much for your innovative DHEA study and personalized treatment. Because of you, we now have a healthy beautiful son. We feel blessed and grateful that you made our dream come true. With love.

L &Y

Dear Dr Sharara

We thought you might like to see a picture of our absolutely beautiful babies! We can’t thank you enough for your divine expertise in helping us. You are truly talented and blessed! We are so honored to had had you in our journey!

Dan and I cannot tell the entire staff of VCRM enough how grateful we are for our little miracle. It’s because of the wonderful care you gave us and all the tender compassion that we will always remember our journey as just that-and not a struggle. Much love

To Dr Sharara and VCRM staff

How can we begin to thank you? not only for your expertise in helping us get pregnant, but for the outstanding personal care and attention we received at your office. You walked us through the highest highs and lowest lows with such grace and care. We feel so blessed that each of you were part of our journey. Thank you!

Dear Dr Sharara

This thank you note is far overdue, and for that I apologize. I cannot begin to express our gratitude for your help in our dreams for a baby. We tried to conceive for four long years and so many doctors told us that there was no chance. You gave us hope- at a time when it was needed. It wasn’t easy, but your expertise and faith in us got us there and we are now the happiest people in the world. I knew we were at the right doctor’s office when I saw the shoulder of your white jacket covered in makeup from giving out so many hugs!

Our baby girl is now 2 months old and not a day goes by without me shedding a tear of joy and disbelief at our good fortune. I honestly believe we wouldn’t be here without the help and support of you and your staff. We’ll be back to see you again

Again, we thank you. With Love.


Dr Sharara and staff

Words cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance in helping me reach my goal of having a second child. Your incredible insight and treatment of everyone as an individual was key in helping me reach my goal. I truly appreciate your positive outlook despite my age. In addition, your staff was absolutely incredible. It meant a lot that they addressed me by name and treated me like a friend.


Dear Dr Sharara and staff

I just want to thank you for your help and support. Your individualized and personal approach to treatment made a difficult situation much more tolerable. Your optimism helped me so much and I believe contributed to achieving the desired outcome. The pregnancy is going well so far…Thank you again for everything.


Dear Dr Sharara

We are happy to announce that we are the parents of a healthy baby boy. It all began with you. Thanks to your knowledgeable guidance and advice, I was able to overcome PCOS and become pregnant. My husband and I are also eating and living healthier thanks to exercise and the South Beach Diet… Thanks again for all your help.


There are no words that could thank you enough for helping to give us our second baby. I was frustrated, depressed, etc when I came to your office and experienced such a relief finally getting the right answers. We will always be grateful to you and your kind staff.

B & EP

Thank you for your excellent care throughout this process. I appreciate your kindness and patience with my questions, and always being informative. I was initially nervous, but had a great experience thanks to you and the VCRM staff (an egg donor).

Dear Dr Sharara, Debbie, Jo, Ellen, Tricia and all the wonderful people at VCRM:

We are so very grateful for the kind, thoughtful, gentle, brilliant care you’ve provided us over the last year and a half. Thank you for helping us grow our family!

We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, care and professionalism. You allowed us to find hope after a long journey and helped us realize our dream. We will forever be grateful to you and will always remember your kindness.

With grateful hearts (and a swollen belly).

Thank you and your office so much for the wonderful work you did helping us get these babies so quickly! I recommend you to all of my friends who are struggling. The professionalism, competence, and compassion of your practice made it hard for us to be satisfied with our OB care by comparison!

Many many thanks.

I don’t know how to explain how thankful i am that GOD lead me to Dr. Sharara! We had been trying to conceive for 15 yrs. and had been thru 6 IVF attempts thru another fertility doc in Richmond VA without success. I had gotten pregnant in my tubes and when i came to Dr Sharara’s office i had no tubes left, he was very positive at our first meeting and said “you have been thru hell, now lets get you a baby!”. We left out of the office knowing that this man was going to do EVERYTHING in his power to help us have a baby! We drove about 2 hours to see him and it was well worth the drive. Not even a year after our first meeting I gave birth to twins. He may never now how much he has changed our lives. We are very appreciative to all his help. If you are looking for a fert doc and even if you live out of state, i would look no further than Dr Sharara! He has a very strict protocol and demands that you stick to it… its worth it tho…because it works!! He will always be considered a part of our family.

To everybody at VCRM

Just a quick thank you note for all the wonderful care and attention we have received for over a year at your office. I have yet to come across a doctor’s office as professional, caring, considerate and sympathetic as yours. Best wishes.


DR. Sharara and his staff are very professional and friendly. Every visit feels like you are visiting a family member. After the first visit they will know you by name which make the experience more personable. I don’t know why they have a waiting room because as soon as you walk in they are ready for you. Dr. Sharara gave me and my husband hope of one day becoming parents, and now thanks to him we are pregnant. If you are looking for a great fertility doctor… Dr. Sharara is the doctor to go to. I recommend his services. He is the best.

When you go to Dr. Sharara’s office, they all make you feel that they are personally invested in your fertility efforts, especially Dr. Sharara himself. The warmth, understanding, and care they show at every visit makes you feel more relaxed, at ease, and hopeful about solving and succeeding in having another child. There is no “factory” feel to this practice; they truly care about you as a person and patient, and are almost as happy and joyous as the patient is when you finally get pregnant! I would recommend this practice to everyone one who is seeking answers and success to infertility issues. You will not find any better care or success rates with anyone else, period. They feel like my family now!

Dr. Sharara and his staff were very pleasing and professional to work with. Dr. Sharara took the time to fully explain the entire process. We had a baby girl via the IVF process in Sept 09. We could not be happier and have total confidence in Dr Sharara and his staff. If we decide to have another baby, we would return to Dr. Sharara.

Dr.Sharara’s fertility center has the highest success rate in the DC region, and for certain age categories it stands first in the country. And in IVF treatment, this is very important criteria than anything else. The staff is very friendly,helpful and well informed. Dr.Sharara answers all the questions always but he seems to answer questions in a bit hurry. Sometimes, I wish he spent some more time with us, but then he is very busy. And the appointments are sometimes not punctual, we had to wait 15 minutes past our appointment time once. If somebody is looking for success in IVF, then Dr.Sharara is the person to go. He is the best in his field.

I was referred to Dr. Sharara by my OBGYN who simply stated “he’s the best” – and she was right! Dr. S comes across as extremely humble, yet confident; a very refreshing combination. He is not at all arrogant like some physicians I have encountered who are at the top of their field. And he really is at the top of his field; he’s won every award you can imagine, always rated as the top fertility clinic in the area, but you’d never know by talking to him. He is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He diagnosed my complicated fertility issues, clearly explained everything to me, presented me with several options and, I’m happy to report, I got pregnant on my first IVF cycle! Financially, I thought it was a steal – he actually talked us OUT of using the more expensive option (which we happily would have paid). The nurses and staff are GREAT; treat you like family. My appointments were ALWAYS on time and sometimes even early (a new experience for me). Thank you VCRM!!

Dr. Sharara and his staff are wonderful! I am pregnant today ONLY because of his meticulous care and focus as well as very supportive staff, keeping my schedule on track. Not sure about others experiences, but I only experienced understanding, support, and honesty. I had been trying to get pregnant for several years, then met Dr. Sharara and now I’m pregnant. I would not be pregnant without him given my condition. My husband and I sincerely appreciated his outstanding competence, professionalism, and candid, genuine guidance. The rest was honestly up to us — following up on our commitment to the program and having faith.

We’ve been in Northern Virginia for 15 years. This areas is blessed to have some of the best doctor’s in the country. Dr. Sharara is probably the best doctor I’ve met – ever. He’s diligent, precise, tough on you (you need to do your part), but it pays off in the end. He is a genius and his staff is caring and they run a smooth operation. As I waited with my wife in the lobby, we constantly saw couples coming in or leaving with smiles on their faces because of his success rate. If you want a long term buddy, go somewhere else. If you want someone that truly care for helping you build your family, listen to Sharara, stay on his regimen, and expect success. I am a tough customer/patient and Sharara was able to answer every single question with detail. By the way, he loves it when you do your homework and challenge him. It tells him you are serious about getting things done. I highly recommend him. If you want to get more details, please email at I’ll do my best to resp.

Dr Sharara is the best doctor in treating Reproductive medicine related issues. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and follows an organized and extensive research based approach to treat each individuals problem. Every time I visited his office, I felt confident with his treatments. He diagnosed my problem quickly, put me and my husband on correct medicine and performed a very smooth surgery on me and closely monitored my progress after surgery too. I got pregnant within two month of my surgery. He is very punctual with his appointments. Makes you feel very comfortable to discuss any kind of problem and builds up your faith and confidence that any kind of problem can be quickly solved with right treatment, right medication and right kind of diet. The nurses and the staff in his office are also the best. They are extremely caring and promptly update you with your blood results/test reports and also promptly address any kind of questions one may be having.

March 23, 2009

Dear Dr Sharara

I am not sure how to even express my thanks and gratitude to you. It has been my heart’s desire for many years to be a mom and now thanks to you, I will be one very soon. Thank you so much for your patience, support, compassion, and sensitivity as Jonathan and I have gone through this emotional process. Although in many ways I am happy to be moving forward, it is also a bittersweet time as I have become so fond of you and your entire staff. Thank you so much for everything-from the first day in your office to my last appointment. I look forward to you meeting the twins next Fall!


December 15, 2008

Dear Dr Sharara, JoAnn, Debbie, Ellen, and VCRM staff

The holidays have given us the perfect opportunity to convey some of our gratitude and feelings about the help you gave us in becoming pregnant last summer. We would also like to share a token of our appreciation: chocolate chip cookies, our favorite!

Our thanks are twofold.

We are so overjoyed to be pregnant and knee deep in all the preparations. It is a lifelong dream to have a child and be able to give him all the love we have in our hearts. It’s impossible to put into words all that this chance to be parents means to to us but we thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our heart for being such an important part of us getting there.

Just as much, we want to thank you for the warmth, compassion and empathy that you all put into your work every day. While your high level of technical competence combined with your holistic approach (making recommendations about diet, exercise, stress, and nontraditional interventions e.g, acupuncture) was a major factor in us being happy to have chosen to work with you, the warmth and empathy that everyone gave was also absolutely essential and invaluable. It is what allowed us to get through sometimes painful emotions and procedures while still feel safe, well taken care of, and optimistic. Thank you for this as well. Though it remains a mystery in some ways as to when treatment works and when it doesn’t, I can’t help but believe that feeling complete trust in your doctor and treatment team adds to the chances of success.

We hope that you all have a wonderful and joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year. And we look forward to introducing you to our newest family member in April.

Fondest regards

A and MG

Dear Dr Sharara

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how my experience has been. I would use the word wonderful to describe it, but that seems somehow wrong considering the circumstances. I can say that if I am pregnant, or not, your staff has been excellent. Ellen and the women at the desk have always greeted me with kindness and respect. They have gone out of their way to ensure that appointments were scheduled and that I was always seen quickly, even when I was early or late which did happen occasionally.

Then there is Jo and Debbie. I have never been treated so well by two people who really don’t know me. They have always been available to answer any question; Jo even gave me her home number should I need it. I can’t think of going through this without them and am just glad to have two people like them to rejoice or commiserate with at the end of this process.

And how do I even thank you, Dr Sharara. Not only did you assemble this incredible staff, but you, yourself, have been so thorough, meticulous, and kind. From diet, to breast milk, to tomato juice and everything in between I have always felt comfortable and well taken care of. You take the time to talk to me about things and always seem open to a discussion. It seems like you are a throwback to times when medicine was focused on taking care of the whole patient and not just her individual symptoms.

So thank you, thank Jo and Debbie, and thank Ellen and the whole staff for everything that you and they have done for me.



Editor’s note: LU did indeed conceive on her first IVF cycle at VCRM after failing at another clinic.

Dear Dr Sharara

We’ve had this gift for you since I found out I was pregnant, but every time I sat down to write you this thank you letter, I could never think of the right words to express how grateful we are. I still don’t know the right words, but I can say not a day goes by that we aren’t thankful we walked into your office and met you over a year ago. We knew right away we had the right doctor, and we learned very quickly that you would give us over 100% of your expertise. You always showed us complete honesty and dedication. To us, you are a miracle worker. We never, ever lost hope because you were always directing us, with confidence, to the next step of “the plan”. Please know that you have, indeed, changed our life in the most profound way. People do come into our lives for a reason, and we’re so thankful you came into ours. To us, you are a true success, not just because you are so good at what you do but because you made the greatest difference in our lives, S… will know all about you. We will tell her, with pride, all about Dr Sharara.

With much love

M and JR and S…

Dear Dr Sharara

Words cannot express the overflowing appreciation we have for you and your staff. What was only a dream for us will soon be a reality because of you. We know we have a beautiful gift arriving in few weeks and we hope you know we will always remember the kindness, sensitivity, and support you gave us throughout our months together. Thank you

With much love

A and RW

“Dear Dr Sharara, Jo, Debbie, and the rest of the staff at VCRM

Mere words cannot begin to describe the immense gratitude we feel for everything that you have done for us! You have helped us to achieve our dream of starting a family of our own. All of you have been amazingly supportive, thoughtful, generous, and optimistic through an extremely tough process. You made a very difficult time in our lives much more bearable, and for that we are eternally in your debt! you will forever be a part of a very cherished memory in both our lives.

Although we are extremely happy and excited about why we can stop seeing you medically, I hope you know that we are going to miss you dearly. After visiting the office weekly for the past couple of years, we have gotten to know you all very closely. During that time, you have become more than just our doctor and nurses, you have become our friends. We will truly miss seeing and catching up with you!

We cannot wait for the day when we can bring our little ones in to meet you! If it were not for you, they may never be here. Our sincere thanks, again, for all that you’ve helped us through, and for the many others that you help on a daily basis. What you have done will never be forgotten.



The fact that you are reading this letter means you have made perhaps the most important of all the decisions you will make regarding your infertility – you have chosen Dr. Sharara and his team of “angels” to guide you through this uncertain and emotional process. We believe they are the absolute best, a truly heaven sent “team” placed on this earth to help couples like us experience the joys of child birth and family.

After three failed In Vitro Fertility cycles at a different location and no encouraging prospects for success, we were introduced to Dr. Sharara through a family friend at a time when we were completely pessimistic about our chances for success. We were literally exhausted – emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. We can distinctly remember our first consultation with him – looking back on that fateful day, we could definitely tell that something special was about to happen in our lives. We remember being very disappointed when, after our cycle had progressed, we had only one embryo to implant. Dr. Sharara, Jo, and all of the staff, ever upbeat, reminded us that “it only takes one.” The consistently positive, upbeat, and encouraging attitudes of Dr. Sharara and his staff were instrumental in keeping us focused. They were right – Lily Elizabeth came from the only embryo that we implanted that day! She is a gift from above!

We were extremely blessed to be placed in the care of Dr. Sharara and his staff. They erased a dark cloud in our lives and made such an enormous impact on our future. We feel we will never be able to properly express our gratitude to them for all the inspiration and hope they provided to us. This letter is just one of many ways we have chosen to show both them and those now in their care just how much they mean to us. Relax and be happy, you are in great hands!

We Wish You All the Best,
Tim and Lisa

Dear Dr Sharara and Staff

From the moment we met you and sat in your office you gave us a sense of comfort, and that has never changed in the six months we have been with you. I remember you saying on the first day that you would have us pregnant in 6 months. Well, you did one step better: you had us pregnant in five!

You and your staff have made this experience really wonderful. From the moment you are greeted by Regina or Trish you felt like family. At least that is how you made us feel. Your lovely nurses Jo and Inna they too are compassionate and loving. From day one there was a bond. I can and did call about many things and were always there to answer and take care of it. I am truly going to miss all of you during my pregnancy journey.

Dr Sharara you are a man with great wisdom, one who knows and understands his job well, but most importantly does it with passion and care for each patient. You were always so sensitive to my concerns, needs, or things that scared me. Never once did you dismiss any of my feelings. One of my family members and some of my friends have been and still are going through their own infertility problems. Each one of their stories is un-nerving to me as I listen to what each doctor has done or not done. It made me all the more thankful that I have you as my physician as if you were hand picked for us, knowing what we needed in a Doctor. You are so thorough and detail oriented, and that is so important in a situation as delicate as this one.

Once again we want to thank you for your unbelievable wonderful gesture when you decided to help us financially. I will never forget that day it was our miracle. Growing up my dad was a very successful businessman who was able to help many people along the way by putting them through college, buying cars and in many other ways. Since then he has lost everything, what you have done made us feel like it was our turn to be taken care of. My parents would love to meet you I know they feel the same way I do and I know they would love to express that. You have taken care of my husband and I helping to give in more ways then one, a dream we have been dreaming for a long while. And one I have been dreaming for even longer. I am going to be a mom…Thank you!

Any couple that has come through your door should feel honored and blessed that you are the one that will be taking care of them from that point to pregnancy. They should feel secure and positive that they will get wonderful results.

We look forward to being with you all again for child number two.

Much love

K and MZ

“We just wanted to write a note to say how much we appreciate everything you have done for us! You are so sincere and caring! Thanks for being so patient with all my questions. Being your patient made me so confident. I could not have been in better hands, and I would recommend you extremely highly to anyone in a position like us. We are expecting our baby boy at the end of July, and I am ecstatic! I never knew how much excitement I could feel! My pregnancy is going well, and I feel great. I can’t wait to meet him. Thanks again for everything. We appreciate it more than you know and think of you often”.

– D and DD

““”Dear Dr Sharara and staff,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for E and me these past several months. Although the result wasn’t what we had hoped for, we know in our hearts that you and your staff did everything that possibly could have been done to achieve a pregnancy. Sometimes in life there are things that you cannot change, things that you cannot control. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Maybe this was just not meant to be. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to at least try. What made it so wonderful was having doctors and nurses that really cared and understood all the emotions and doubts that come along with infertility. I am so blessed to have gone through this journey with such wonderful people. I will never forget everyone’s hard work and dedication to two very lucky people. You were angels that gave hope.”””

– M and EW

“Thank you for giving so many women the ability to exercise what is truly their greatest right – to be a mother. Your kindness, patience, and caring has helped me through one of the most trying yet exciting times of my life. Thank you most of all for believing. It is a great honor and privilege to know you.”

– CF

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping us “cook up” a new little creation. We will miss you all-you are a group of people unlike any other. Your caring approach to medicine and science made a troubling situation not only bearable, but funny at times. We’ll be back for help with #2.”

– MB and DR

“Thank you all so much for the wonderful care you provided to us over the past few months. You are the most caring, compassionate and understanding group of people! I feel so blessed to know you.”

– KG and SG

“Thank you all so much for your kindness, compassion, and wonderful care. You have made us feel very comfortable and confident as we begin this special journey.”

– A & RLB

“We never thought this day would come! We cannot express the gratitude that we feel. We are blessed to have you in our lives.”

– S and MH

“We have complete confidence in Dr. Sharara, and it is very obvious his heart is in his work.”

– H and DD

“You are about to have an extraordinary experience”. That is the first line from one of my favorite books, and is a fitting description of my time with Dr. Sharara.

Many emotions accompany the inability to naturally conceive a child; fear, shame and frustration just to name a few. Plus, there’s that overwhelming feeling from all the information you find on your own, that you don’t know where to begin to seek help. That’s how I felt until I met Dr. Sharara.

My “extraordinary experience” started with my first visit, and continued through my last visit. My first visit began by sitting in his waiting area with my heart about to leap out of my chest. Total fear! That appointment ended with me leaving his office wondering not if I will get pregnant, but when. From that point forward, my entire outlook changed. Fear turned to hope and frustration turned to trust. Together, with his amazing nurses, we all focused on reaching the goal of my getting pregnant and it happened! Here’s how: Most practices can and do describe their innovative technology, and post their statistics/success rates, but some doctors make you feel that you need a medical degree in order to understand what is happening in your body. Not Dr. Sharara. He has the high success rate and the cutting edge technology but he also has THE differential advantage. He runs a small and personalized clinic, not a body shop, and each patient is treated as an individual, not a statistic. He takes an understanding, loving and partnering approach and truly makes you feel that you are his only patient. He is with you each step of the way, always taking time to answer any questions.

I feel the greatest gift a physician can give a patient besides expertise, is confidence, honesty, and encouragement. Dr. Sharara gives this and so much more.

Let me close by saying that there is no person on earth better equipped to help you achieve your dream of becoming pregnant than Dr. Sharara. Please do not make the mistake of going some place else first.”

– JM

Poem by DB entitled Thank You

We have a little miracle, Christopher Vincent is his name.
He may be shy and private or he may have wealth and fame,
He is a little wonder; he’ll be raised with love and prayer,
And memories of all your help and all your tender care!
We know Chris is a gift of God; we cannot count his worth,
We know you helped to usher this little angel here to Earth.
Dr. Sharara, we’ll just say thank you and add; “You are the Man”.
We’ll say the words right out loud, “We are your biggest fan”!
I’ve had ultrasounds by the dozen; had many, many blood tests
And now we have our little son and we feel truly blessed.
We know that no job is easy, but your work must be real joy
When you know you’ve helped to welcome a precious girl or boy.
We’ll think of all the couples who are waiting and hoping too,
And pray that they can say, as we, Thank the good Lord for you!”

“When you are faced with such a difficult issue as infertility it is so crucial to find a doctor in whom you trust and in whom you have the utmost confidence. My husband and I interviewed several doctors, but we’ve stayed with Dr. Sharara because of his consistent availability and concern for our welfare have earned our trust and respect. He runs a smaller practice which enables him to devote a great deal of time to each patient, and he is always available to answer the multitude of questions my husband and I have had. We recommend him completely for any couple hoping to fulfill their dream of having a child.”

– KM

“I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation to you for your kindness and compassion during my treatment. It made what was a very difficult time bearable. As you can see, we were blessed with two healthy, beautiful children. Thank you for helping to make our dreams a reality.”

– LO

“I can never thank you enough for your professionalism and compassion. Infertility is the hardest thing to go through and having a doctor that understands that makes it so much easier.”

– DH

“We cannot thank you enough for all your help and bringing such a joy to our lives!!”

– OB

“We came to your practice because we knew, if anyone could get me pregnant, it would be you. We knew it was a long shot, especially since we were told by Dr. X that it would take a miracle for me to get pregnant with my own child, over a year ago. You gave us hope and faith, and performed that miracle. Today is my birthday and I am two months pregnant with my own baby. You gave God the credit, I believe God gave you an incredible gift and talent. I know in my heart your center will be renowned as the very best. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

– D & L L

“It has been one month since I gave birth, and my thoughts go to you for guiding us to the path of immense joy which is becoming parents. We have been in pain for too long, and have always dreamed of this day, and it is finally here! We will always have a special place for you in our heart and we are eternally grateful for what you have done for us.”

– CH

“We worked for years with one of the more experienced groups in the Washington area. After repeated failures we looked around and our intuition led us to Dr. Sharara. It turned out to be a brilliant decision. We feel strongly that Dr. Sharara has his finger directly on the pulse of medical discovery in the treatment of infertility, and also has developed tremendous craft in the practice of in vitro fertilization. In addition to his extreme proficiency, he is a gifted and passionate communicator who never failed to address a concern and who inspires great confidence and comfort. We succeeded with him immediately. Of the half dozen practices we worked with or considered, Dr. Sharara was obviously the best.”

“Dr. Sharara is excellent. He was willing to work with me even though many fertility doctors told me I had no chance with my own eggs. He is very efficient, thorough, and one of the best fertility doctors I have worked with! He really takes time to work with his patients and shows genuine concern. Everything about his center is outstanding. I will absolutely recommend VCRM to all my friends”.

– DC

“I have had quite a few doctors in my life, and the staffs that come with them; and I have been very fortunate in having some wonderful doctors, but I honestly have to say that you are all the best!! The following objectives describe each one of you: professional, knowledgeable, courteous, patient, kind, caring, thoughtful, funny… I could just go on and on. Thank you so much!!”

– KF

“We have been very blessed to have found such an incredible doctor! We couldn’t have asked for a more talented and steadfast partner to lead us on such an important medical journey! Thank you for everything you have done over these past several months. Thank you for helping us realize our dreams.”

— K and GF

“How can I thank you. It is hard to put in words how helpful, caring, kind, and compassionate you are. Your kind words, smiling face, and listening ears helped dealing with an infertility issue much easier. Your willingness to allow a patient a voice in their treatment is even more astounding. It helped me to feel like I had some control in an area that was extremely important. Thank you for all you do and continue to do for families, because that is what you help to create.”

– K B-K

“With myself having difficulty to conceive, I learned so much about infertility and how infertility centers are a dime a dozen here in DC. I was distressed when I found out as to how some centers treated such affliction as if it was a common cold. The human, emotional, and psychological aspect has been reduced to nothing. It seemed like you can just go through a drive through window, order a baby, pay your money, and boom you are good to go… then they go on to the next patient in the drive through. These centers are homogenized. They all sound and look the same. At the end of the day it is all about the money. Your center stood out because of Jo, Michelle, and Melanie, and now Ina, Regina, and Tatiana. Your center was different because you know our name. Because every little ache and pain I had, I can easily pick up the phone, talk to you and get an answer immediately. Because you sacrificed your weekends to see us. Because your office is small, friendly, and not overbearing. Because you are the one who did my surgery, the one who measures my follicles, do my sonograms each visit vs. a technician, performed the retrieval and transfer versus having to deal with 5 different doctors for each stage of IVF. Because you taught us that babies are a blessing, whether I carry it or not.”

– A & BD

“Where do we begin? You and your staff have done so much for us in making our “dream come true. Never before have we met such a professional and caring staff as you have. You greeted us with a smile and instantly I felt that we had come to someone who understood how much we wanted a family and the struggles we have been through. Your staff does treat us like “family” instead of just another patient. The kindness that was shown to us from day one made a difference in knowing that finally we had someone who did care about what we were going through and was concerned about how you could help us achieve our goal of one day having a family. You made it as stress free as possible, which we believe led to our success.

Many years we struggled with wanting a family, but without success were unable to achieve our dream. Then, we scheduled an appointment with you to discuss our possibilities for the future. You believed in us from the beginning and answered so many questions that we had and gave us “hope”. Not only did you assist with our care but also everyone was friendly, patient, kind, understanding and genuinely concerned about us achieving our goal of “getting pregnant”. You were there from the beginning and have continued to show kindness and concern once we were released from your care. We are finally pregnant, due in October of this year and anxiously await the delivery of our first child. Without our faith in GOD, your expertise, wisdom and experience, and the assistance of your staff, I don’t believe this would have ever been possible. GOD bless you and your staff.”

“Words cannot express how thankful we are for your knowledge and caring. I know we had it “easy” compared to most couples who visit your office, but it was still scary! You and your entire office made us feel so comfortable and hopeful. I miss you all! I thank God everyday that there are people like you. You have definitely found what God intends for you to do in this world!”

“If you are sitting in Dr Sharara’s office you have struck Gold! This office is filled with kindhearted professionals who will do only the best for you during your journey. We feel so blessed to have encountered Dr Sharara and his staff. Because of Dr Sharara’s knowledge, action, listening and support we are expecting our first child in May. We will be forever grateful to this brilliant practice”.

– J & M & baby Z

“We have searched for a card to express our gratitude and we cannot possibly find one. We not only think of you on Thanksgiving day but we think of you every day. You should be very proud of yourself and your establishment that you have created. Thank you so much for all of your guidance, patience and the confidence that you instill. We will meet again!”

– S and MZ

Your name came to us with tremendous accolades – from the minute we first met, we knew that you would be the one that would help us achieve our dreams. We trust you 100% and will refer you to anyone and everyone we know that suffers the trials and tribulations of infertility.

Dave and I cannot thank you enough for all the support, encouragement and caring that you have demonstrated.  Most importantly, I would like to personally thank you for your prayers and restoring my spirit.  Your positive attitude, witty charm, wisdom and determination are to be commended.  We will always uphold the utmost respect and admiration for you.

Your entire staff is incredible, but I would like to take a moment to give special recognition to Jo Medina who went above and beyond.  Jo is a gift and definitely played a large role in helping me maintain my composure and strength throughout this tough journey. Jo has one of the most compassionate and sincere personalities I have ever encountered (other than my husband).  I will always cherish her open arms, generosity, humor, kind words and genuine concern of my well being.  Jo is invaluable to your practice and this should certainly be recognized.

It is bittersweet that I am moving on to the next step. We are thrilled that our goal was accomplished, but sad because I will genuinely miss seeing you and your staff on a regular basis – all of you have become extended family to me.  I look forward to staying in touch as I keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

– D and DT

Tim and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything you have done for us over the past few months. You were able to help us sort through a difficult time and provide us with all the necessary information and guidance to make our decisions. Your compassion, professionalism, and grace meant the world to us.  Coming to your office was no longer a dreaded “doctor visit” but a visit to see friends who happened to be doctors, nurses and medical staff. You made us feel that you truely cared about us and our needs.

Having a baby become part of our family is going to be a wonderful adventure and we are proud and thankful that you were all a part of that journey.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– T and TH

Meet Dr. Fady Sharara

Dr. Fady I. Sharara, M.D., FACOG.- ASRM 2022

“We will forever be grateful to you for giving us the gift of a child. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement through such and emotional journey.” D&A

“Your caring, kindness, and expertise over the last year gave us the greatest gift we could ever ask for: a healthy baby boy!” P,E&T

Dr. Fady Sharara Discusses Preimplantation Genetic Screening