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IVF Refund Plan

Our Virginia fertility center is happy to offer a 100% IVF Refund Plan

Dr. Fady Sharara and the staff at our Virginia fertility center not only offer patients success rates for in vitro fertilization (IVF) that consistently fall above the national average, but we also offer a unique 100% IVF Refund Plan. We realize that IVF procedures can be very expensive, especially if you do not have insurance coverage. In view of the financial hardship that so many patients face, we offer our refund plan to patients who do not have insurance coverage. There are several options available to patients, including our refund plan and traditional plans.

How does the refund plan work?

This program at our Virginia fertility center is specifically for patients who do not have insurance coverage for IVF, which is approximately 70% of our patients who are under age 38.

The IVF refund plan states that if patients do not achieve a live birth after the transfer of all of the embryos resulting from their cycles, 100% of clinical fees will be refunded back to the patients to use in pursuing other family-building measures such as donor egg or adoption.

Our confidence in our success rate allows us to provide this refund plan. The vast majority of patients conceive on their first or second attempt, and it is extremely unusual for patients to exceed three cycles before achieving success.

Whether you qualify for the IVF Refund Plan or choose a traditional plan, it is very important to call our Virginia fertility center at 703-437-7722 to obtain the latest price information.

Our Virginia fertility center only performs embryo transfers five days after egg retrieval at the blastocyst stage, which results in a significantly higher rate than a Day 3 embryo transfer. Many fertility programs in the DC metro area still perform Day 3 transfers. The majority of our patients under the age of 40 have one or two blastocysts transferred or three blastocysts for those over the age of 40. With genetic testing (PGS) 90% will get only a single embryo transferred.

Traditional IVF Plan

Those who do not qualify for the IVF Refund Plan at our Virginia fertility center will have traditional fees for their IVF cycles.*

  • Fresh cycles consist of transferring embryos five days after egg retrieval at the blastocyst stage. In 2013 our Virginia fertility center stopped performing Day 3 transfers, which are less effective.
  • Frozen cycles involve transferring embryos that patients have frozen, or cryopreserved, for future use. Almost 40% of patients undergoing IVF have additional embryos that they choose to freeze and store for use in case they have an unsuccessful IVF attempt or if they decide to add siblings to their families.

Our Virginia fertility center is proud of our unique IVF Refund Plan. Contact us to learn more.

*The IVF Refund Plan that provides money back does not apply to traditional IVF fees. This refund does not include the cost of fertility medications.