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Our IVF Success Rates

Why Choose VCRM? Our IVF Success Rates!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”, as Aristotle wrote many centuries ago. At VCRM, we take Aristotle’s message to heart. We offer excellence in a small, boutique setting. The result is that you are in the best of hands. You are treated with respect and sensitivity, while being provided the benefits of the latest technological advances. Each time, you will see the same doctor and the same nurses. This is how excellence is achieved as we have done repeatedly by having one of the highest success rates in the US. VCRM is truly a place where everyone knows your name and, even more importantly, your medical case. This is why we are proud of our IVF success rates.

Our comprehensive approach and use of the latest treatments allows us to help many patients become parents, even those who have had failed IVF cycles. We also specialize in treating poor responders. Dr Sharara has published extensively on diminished ovarian reserve and poor responders. As such, we have devised ways that may benefit some of these patients. VCRM has offered blastocyst cycles exclusively since March 2013. We also conduct clinical research trials that will hopefully improve outcomes for assisted reproduction and have implemented a successful PGD program. VCRM was a pioneer in pushing elective single embryo transfers (eSET) as early as 2004, and currently  > 50% of our patients < 38 years old choose eSET.

Dr. Sharara, a leader in his field, will perform all your examinations and all the procedures, including each monitoring ultrasound, the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer. This continuity of care contributes to the high success rate of our clinic.

VCRM is proud to assist patients with a variety of fertility challenges. We do not turn patients away who are facing greater obstacles on the path to parenthood. This makes our success rates even more impressive, as we treat even the most difficult cases of infertility.

Finally, at VCRM, we not only offer high-quality care in a caring, hands-on setting at competitive prices, but we also work hard to help you take home a baby after your first cycle. And that, of course, is what this is all about!

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