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Egg Donor Application

Egg Donor Application

Thank you for your interest in completing an egg donor application with VCRM. Egg donation is extremely safe with a very low incidence of potential complications. With the use of new protocols and ways to trigger ovulation (lupron trigger) the risk of OHSS is practically eliminated.

Donor Qualifications

Women between the ages of 21 and 31, from any ethnic background, may qualify to be donors for our anonymous egg donor program, and have a BMI < 27. Once accepted, you may donate a maximum of seven times. Upon completion of a cycle, you will be compensated $8,000 for your time and effort. If you refer a friend after the completion of your cycle you will receive $200 (after the completion of her cycle).

To help us determine your eligibility for the program, please complete the confidential questionnaire below. Keep in mind that all potential egg donors must meet two basic criteria:

  1. Between the age of 21-31
  2. Current medical insurance

Click Here to Apply to Be an Egg Donor