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We are happy that you have chosen our Virginia fertility center

Congratulations! You have taken a positive and proactive step towards creating the family you hope to have. Now that you have chosen our Virginia fertility center to help you with your fertility issues, you probably have questions and concerns. Rest assured that the entire staff at the Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine (VCRM) takes a patient-centered, comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Here is some patient info.

Your initial consultation at our Virginia fertility center

Your initial consultation at our Virginia fertility center will not be hurried; instead, you will spend as much time as you need with Dr. Sharara, our experienced medical director and reproductive endocrinologist. He will spend time going over your medical history and getting to know you. At VCRM, patient interaction is an integral part of our treatment equation. We rely on you to provide us with complete, detailed information about your medical history and encourage you to communicate with us openly while you are under our care. For this reason, we strongly recommend that both partners attend this important initial session.

Our smoking policy is unique

Our Virginia fertility center has a smoking policy in place to help facilitate successful fertility treatments. Studies show that smoking cigarettes impairs fertility in both men and women. Our policy states that women who are active smokers may not participate in our in vitro fertilization program until they have quit smoking for at least six weeks. We initiated this policy because we believe it is in the best interest of our patients and their babies.

Your time is important to the staff at our Virginia fertility center

One of the attributes our patients value most about our Virginia fertility center is our consideration for honoring appointment times. A Washingtonian magazine online poll in the March 2012 issue entitled “What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve About Going to the Doctor” showed that 35% complained about the long wait, 30% complained about getting an appointment in the first place, 28% complained about the forms and insurance hassle, while 9% complained about the lousy magazines and doctor-promoting TV.

At our Virginia fertility center, you never have to worry about any of these issues. We cannot account for the insurance hassle, though we make an effort to check your insurance benefits before your appointment. All our current and former patients appreciate the effort VCRM puts into respecting their time and never making them wait to be seen. In addition, we promise never to make you watch promotional videos!

Respectful patient care and clinical excellence make our Virginia fertility center stand out. We value our relationship with you, and we would love to help you build the family of your dreams. Contact us to make an appointment for your personalized care and get more patient info.