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Egg Donor Program

Our egg donor program is just one more way we deliver joy and create families

When a gap exists between your desire and ability to get pregnant, consider enlisting the help of our third-party reproduction services. Our egg donor program provides healthy eggs to any woman unable or unprepared to use her own eggs to get pregnant, and gay men who are building their families.

The egg donor program at our Virginia fertility center provides a continuity of care because patients and donors see Dr. Fady Sharara at every appointment. Our personalized service in a small, friendly, boutique setting makes everyone feel supported and comfortable during the egg donor journey.

Who benefits from egg donor services?

Many individuals, couples and members of the LGBT community benefit from our egg donor program.

  • Women with conditions such as premature ovarian failure, or damaged or missing ovaries
  • Women who have diminished ovarian reserve
  • Individuals or couples with certain hereditary chromosomal abnormality or inheritable genetic diseases
  • Individuals or couples who have experienced a history of IVF failure
  • LGBT couples

Our egg donor program only uses highly screened and tested donors

Our Virginia fertility center staff works closely with our egg donor participants. Individuals or couples select a donor from someone known to them, such as a friend or family member, or choose an anonymous egg donor from our carefully selected list.

All of our anonymous egg donors are 21-31 years old, an age when eggs are at their healthiest and most viable. We provide potential parents in our egg donor program with important information about their anonymous egg donor.

  • A complete medical and family history
  • A psychological assessment
  • A description of physical characteristics, including a photo
  • A description of talents, aptitudes, educational achievements and accomplishments

All of our donors receive the recommended testing established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Our egg donor success rate is well above the national average

Our Virginia fertility center is proud of our successful egg donor success rates. Donors are usually available immediately; however, there could be a waiting period, depending upon your wishes and criteria. Once you choose your egg donor, the cycle can usually be completed in 1-2 months. We also work with an egg bank which allows our patients a bigger and more diverse pool of donors.

Your future family can be achieved in many different ways, and our Virginia fertility center egg donor program is another tool in our arsenal to help fulfill your dreams. To learn more, contact us.

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