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Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy with a gestational carrier paves the way to parenthood

Single men or women who are unable to carry a baby, and same-sex couples or couples who have exhausted other fertility treatment options often pursue surrogacy. During surrogacy, a gestational carrier, also known as a uterine carrier, provides her uterus and delivers your child for you.

Our Virginia fertility center staff approaches this process with compassion and caring, knowing that surrogacy can take its toll, but it has tremendous rewards.

Surrogacy solutions at our Virginia fertility center

Your gestational carrier can be known to you, such as a friend or family member, or can be anonymous. Gestational carriers need to be screened and evaluated before IVF begins. We also mandate legal representation for both parties.

Surrogacy requires donor eggs, either from the intended mother, someone known to her, or an anonymous egg donor, which can be found through our egg donor program. Donor eggs are fertilized using sperm, either from the potential father or an anonymous donor.

The embryo, which may undergo genetic screening to ensure that it is genetically normal, is placed into the uterus where we hope it will grow and be nurtured until the baby enters the world and is placed into the arms of the anxiously awaiting new family.

Would you benefit from surrogacy?

Surrogacy at our Virginia fertility center benefits singles and couples in many different situations.

  • Women who do not have a uterus or whose uterus is damaged or does not function properly
  • Women who have had recurring, unexplained pregnancy loss or multiple poor pregnancy outcomes such as second trimester losses and/or premature births
  • Women who have medical conditions for which a pregnancy would put their lives at substantial risk or who have had severe complications resulting from a past pregnancy
  • Same-sex couples and prospective dads

Why choose VCRM?

We are especially proud of the fact that our Virginia fertility center was recently named the best-rated clinic in the United States for the website Men Having Babies.

There are several reasons why patients come to our Virginia fertility center for surrogacy treatment. Our personalized care, delivered in a boutique setting, ensures that everyone involved in the process—from the prospective parent(s) to the gestational carrier and donor—feels supported and respected.

VCRM has a superior gestational surrogacy success rate and we offer a unique Surrogacy Refund Plan, which our staff will be happy to explain in detail. What’s more, we pioneered the dual transfer procedure in 2004, during which two embryos, each created from the sperm of one partner, are transferred to the uterine carrier.

We want to help you create your wonderful family, and surrogacy is one option you can explore. Contact us for an appointment.

Discover LGBT Fertility at VCRM

Discover LGBT Fertility at VCRM

LGBT couples benefit from the expertise and experience our Virginia fertility center has in working with same-sex couples.

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