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LGBT Family Building

LGBT couples benefit from the expertise and experience our Virginia fertility center has in working with same-sex couples

Same-sex couples hoping to start families of their own through the miracle of assisted reproductive technology, or ART, have come to Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine (VCRM) for over a decade. Our Virginia fertility center offers LGBT family building to singles or couples who want a friendly, boutique setting for the journey to parenthood. Dr. Fady Sharara is with you every step of the way, ensuring that you establish a relationship with your physician and develop the confidence to ask questions and discuss topics that are important to you.

Lesbian couples benefit from several different family-building options at VCRM

Female same-sex couples can discuss a variety of family-building choices, including donor sperm IUI, intrauterine insemination, or IVF, in vitro fertilization. Lesbian couples can choose options that allow both partners to be a part of the pregnancy. Reciprocal IVF means that one partner’s eggs are fertilized with donor sperm, and the embryo is transferred to the other partner’s uterus.

The majority of women who come to us for fertility treatment will opt for donor sperm IUI. In rare cases, couples can opt for gestational surrogacy if neither partner is able to carry a baby

LGBT family building always includes support and advice from our team so that lesbian couples will feel confident that they are choosing the right option for creating the family they have hoped for and the quickest path to pregnancy.

VCRM is highly regarded by gay couples who are building their families

Gay couples or single men will need to use donor eggs from an egg bank or a family member, plus a gestational surrogate to create a family. We feel confident that our caring team and advanced third party reproduction options will help you have a positive experience.

Gay couples from all across the United States and around the world come to us for help with building their LGBT families.

In 2004, our Virginia fertility center pioneered the 2-embryo transfers, in which one embryo is created with sperm from first partner, and the other embryo is created from sperm from the second partner. This is known as a “dual transfer.” This procedure has led many gay couples to VCRM.

You and your partner will feel cared for and supported

Our world-class Virginia fertility center physician and staff understand that the fertility process can take an emotional and financial toll on LGBT couples, and we work with couples to provide answers and helpful support during the entire journey. If you and your same-sex partner are ready to start a family, contact us. We care deeply about you and your future family.