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Barriers to conception, the hidden causes of infertility or gaps that need filling for third-party reproduction, can leave you feeling powerless. Where you turn for help in building your family, however, is entirely up to you. The Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine, VCRM, stands solidly in place to restore reproductive balance in your life, empowering men and women, singles and couples, with the very latest fertility treatments and access to a skilled and caring physician to direct your care. Our dual board certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr Fady Sharara, has helped resolve infertility for more than 20 years. He created a philosophy of care that prioritizes the individual, incorporates holistic practices and produces excellent results.

You would expect technological excellence from a nationwide leader in IVF success rates. Our Virginia fertility clinic pioneered the use of elective single embryo transfer, eSET, and vitrification to perfect donor egg cycles. We have earned a reputation as a premier provider of gestational surrogacy and were the first Virginia fertility clinic to offer egg freezing. The clinical excellence that we have achieved is complemented by our patient-centric approach. Seeing one fertility specialist, rather than a rotating roster of physicians, allows for better quality of care and communication throughout the process. Dr Sharara and his support team help minimize wait times—and overall anxiety—by honoring your appointment and building a strong doctor-patient relationship. We will do everything we can to support you physically, physiologically and emotionally, with patient resources such as a nutrition program, acupuncturist and educational materials and programs. We will help you to better afford the cost of IVF and gestational surrogacy services with our shared risk plans and access to fertility medication discount programs.

The overarching goal at our Virginia fertility clinic has always been to achieve stellar pregnancy success rates for our patients, and SART results affirm our commitment year after year. We continue to earn Best Doctor, Best of Reston and Top Docs awards, though, because we care about each person who comes to us hoping to get pregnant or build their family. Contact our Virginia fertility clinic team to learn how we can help.

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Hoping for success
with IVF?

At VCRM we succeed where others fail. If you’ve experienced a failed IVF cycle at an other program find a path to pregnancy here.

LGBT families start here

From day one, we have taken great pride in offering inclusive, top-tier LGBT services like IUI, IVF and surrogacy.

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Donor egg
success rates

Picture yourself holding a beautiful baby and rejoicing that you are a parent. That’s the beauty of a successful donor egg program.

Egg freezing puts
you in control

At VCRM we succeed where others fail. If you’ve experienced a failed IVF cycle at an other program find a path to pregnancy here.

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Top Honors Since 2005

Dr Sharara was nominated as one of the Washington area Top Doctors in Infertility by the Washingtonian magazine, a continuous yearly honor since 2005; and by Northern Virginia Magazine, again a continuous yearly honor since its debut in 2010.

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