Fertility Stories

Welcome to our new series: VCRM Fertility Stories! Stories bring people together and our hopes behind the VCRM Fertility Stories are to share with you patient stories so that you know you are not alone, so you can relate to somebody else, and so you can believe and have hope that one day your dream will become reality too. We plan to post stories once a month, if you want us to share yours, please let us know because we would love nothing more than that!

Molly’s Story

Molly Walterhoefer

Trying to get pregnant is a difficult journey – not to mention a lonely one. No one wants to feel like something is wrong with them and no one wants to be the one to speak up about how hard it may be for them. When we ask our patients to share their stories, we…

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Dale and Joseph’s Story

Dale and Joseph

With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air, heart-shaped candies are filling up the aisles of your favorite grocery stores and pharmacies, and cute cards are being crafted with heart-felt notes to loved ones. Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of expectations – maybe because society labeled it as a day where love needs…

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Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s story is one of incredible strength, resilience, and inspiration. Most people know that things are impossible because they are told it is “that way” or “that is how things are” – and they never question why things are that way or why they received a “no.” They just go with it. Michelle is not like most people, she never took no for an answer and did everything she could to fight for what she wanted – a child with her husband at 51 years old. Her story is truly inspirational and one that shows giving up is never the right answer!

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Christy Jacob’s Story

Christy Jacobs

Christy’s story is one of incredible power and strength – she wanted to have a baby no matter how hard the process was going to be. She really embodied every aspect of IVF – the good, the bad, the heartbreaking, and the beautiful moments that make it all worth every second of the process.

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Danielle and Lindsay’s Story

Danielle and Lindsay

Statistically speaking, there are about 4.3 births every second globally or 255 births globally per minute. Growing up, most girls don’t even think twice about their fertility as long as they never skip a menstruation. Some girls are not as fortunate to grow up and simply worry about whether or not their menstruation is regular….

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Melissa and Jonathan’s Story

It’s been a while since we last posted a patient story and we know you missed reading them as much as we missed posting them. We were away trying to procure and curate the ones that made us smile, tear up, and get nostalgic on the magic that happens every day at VCRM. Melissa sent…

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Kristin’s Story

Kristin’s Story

Growing up, our parents always told us to trust our gut instincts. As kids, we don’t really know what that means — our stomach is trying to tells us something? How is that possible? As we get older, what seemed impossible as a kid, becomes second nature — we know our bodies’ cues when it is trying to tell…

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Jessica and Stephanie’s Story

Jessica and Stephanie’s Story - Dr Sharara

In your life, there are stories you come across that bring you a tremendous amount of joy, some you relate to, some that make you feel vulnerable, some that bring tears to your eyes, and some that make you smile so big you feel like you can seize the day and do what you want…

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Alicia Wood’s Story

Every day at VCRM is not like the other. We see so many faces walk through our door, each coming in with their own story and dream, to leave with a story that gives us goosebumps whenever we think about it. Because of that, we decided to feature patient stories weekly — of course with their help…

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Kim Brickman’s Story

Kim - Fertility Story

Sharing stories is at the core of human nature — we love hearing stories for so many reasons, but something that is often forgotten is that sharing one’s personal story is important because of so many reasons, but we will only highlight three of them — (1) it is relatable, (2) it is cathartic for the ones doing the…

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