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Molly’s Story

Trying to get pregnant is a difficult journey – not to mention a lonely one. No one wants to feel like something is wrong with them and no one wants to be the one to speak up about how hard it may be for them. When we ask our patients to share their stories, we want to normalize the conversation around infertility and share the hardships we endure to create a community that feels strong and supported, rather than feel like they are going through this alone.

Molly felt that way – she was continuously told that she was an “extremely difficult case.” Her story is beautiful and we cannot wait to meet her baby girl soon!

Molly Walterhoefer

“This was too easy!” – Those are the actual words I said to Dr. Sharara the day we found out I was finally pregnant after three grueling years of numerous failed infertility treatment with other doctors at a large regional infertility center. From my first consultation with Dr. Sharara I knew I was in for a completely different and life altering experience. First and most importantly, he gave me an accurate diagnosis for my infertility within minutes of reviewing my case after having been told for three years that I had “unexplained infertility”. He was astute enough to easily recognize major flaws in my past treatment protocols and immediately offered tangible and concise recommendations for how to proceed forward with success. His plan also included comprehensive and personalized lifestyle changes which had never been discussed with me by other providers I had worked with in the past. I was able to start treatment immediately and my very first round of IVF/FET was successful on the first try with absolutely no complications. This came as a huge shock and relief to me after spending years being told I was an “extremely difficult case” and experiencing innumerable complications and set backs along the way.

Before I met Dr. Sharara I had considered giving up on trying to get pregnant after being told that my only next options were “experimental protocols” or surrogacy. Overall, my experience with Dr. Sharara was exceptional and refreshing. I never thought I would be able to find an infertility doctor that was as equally brilliant as they were compassionate and attentive to my individual needs as a patient, but luckily, I found just that in Dr. Sharara. I am now pregnant with a healthy baby girl and I cannot thank him enough for this incredible blessing! I only wish I had met him sooner.

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