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Gay Surrogacy

Gay surrogacy allows gay men to have a genetic connection to their baby

Gay men who want a genetic connection to their child will feel welcome and at ease at the Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine. Our work with gay surrogacy is nationally recognized.

We have a very active egg donor program that provides us with donor eggs from carefully screened, exceptional young women, or gay men can use eggs already frozen at an egg bank. Gay couples can also choose to obtain donor eggs from someone known to them. We also screen and evaluate gestational carriers.

Every step of the process is carefully and thoughtfully done. If you are hoping to find a Washington, DC fertility center, consider the advantages of VCRM in nearby Reston.

Men who pursue gay surrogacy at VCRM can take advantage of the dual embryo transfer

In 2004, we pioneered a special technique that helps both members of a couple who pursue gay surrogacy to have a genetic connection to their children — dual embryo transfer.

We obtain sperm from each partner and combine it with donor eggs to create embryos. We then transfer an embryo created by each partner to the gestational carrier.

Gay couples can also ask for PGS, or preimplantation genetic screening. This helps us identify the healthiest, most viable embryo to be transferred, which helps increase the success rate and reduce the incidence of multiple pregnancy.

Our surrogacy program has been voted the best in the nation

We are proud of our reputation as a fertility center that provides help and support to men pursuing gay surrogacy. Our caring staff understands the overwhelming nature of the surrogacy process, but we diligently work to ensure that couples feel comfortable and free to ask questions.

The Men Having Babies website has honored us by voting VCRM the best gay surrogacy agency in the United States for the past three years. Our program has an exceptional success rate. Another unique feature of our program is our Surrogacy Refund Plan.

Gay men wishing to find a Washington, DC fertility center feel comfortable and cared for at VCRM

When a couple pursues gay surrogacy at VCRM, they get to know Fady Sharara, M.D., our board certified reproductive endocrinologist. He has received national and international recognition and has helped couples from all over the world.

In our practice, we believe in individualized care and provide a boutique setting for our clients’ comfort and ease. You always see our top-rated fertility specialist — not a host of doctors with whom you are not familiar. Our staff also prides themselves on professionalism and compassion.

If you are interested in pursuing gay surrogacy and a location within an easy commute of a larger, less personal Washington, DC fertility center, contact us.