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DuoStim IVF Protocol Provides Hope for Poor Responders

The DuoStim IVF protocol can make parenthood possible

The DuoStim IVF protocol can make parenthood possibleIt can be discouraging to learn that you have a low ovarian reserve and a poor prognosis for in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, this diagnosis isn’t the end of the road. The new DuoStim IVF protocol is helping poor responders achieve pregnancy at the Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine (VCRM). Fady Sharara MD and his Virginia fertility center team explain how this technique is making parenthood possible.

Double stimulation in the same cycle boosts the likelihood of success for poor responders

In a traditional IVF cycle, the woman undergoes one round of ovarian stimulation followed by an egg retrieval procedure in the same menstrual cycle. In contrast, the DuoStim IVF protocol involves two rounds of ovarian stimulation and two egg retrievals.

Our Virginia fertility center team finds that science supports this new protocol. A woman’s ovaries typically recruit several waves of follicles during each cycle.

  • When using traditional IVF techniques, fertility doctors can only take advantage of one of these waves. This means they can retrieve fewer eggs per cycle.
  • However, the DuoStim protocol provides more opportunities to retrieve more eggs. Why? Because a few days after the first egg retrieval, the woman will begin a second round of ovarian stimulation followed by a second egg retrieval.

The research examining this technique is promising. A recent study examined 100 poor responders who underwent the DuoStim protocol and recorded the following results.

  • The eggs were the same quality from both stimulation phases.
  • On average, the women developed one or two more follicles during the second phase.

Most importantly, the second stimulation increased the number of women who had at least one genetically normal embryo. This number went from 42.3% to 65.5%.

The DuoStim IVF protocol also seems to increase the live birth rate

Our Virginia fertility center team knows that our patients want more than just a pregnancy. They want a healthy baby. With the DuoStim IVF protocol, the live birth rate increased from 7% (after FPS) to 15% (after DuoStim). This increase is not just more live births. It represents more happy families that this new protocol helped to create.

If you are interested in the DuoStim protocol, VCRM is offering a special pricing package. Contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Sharara and learn more.

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