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Overcoming Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

How we can help with overcoming recurrent pregnancy loss

How we can help with overcoming recurrent pregnancy lossThe dedicated team at our Virginia fertility center helps hopeful parents with overcoming recurrent pregnancy loss. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) defines recurrent pregnancy loss as two or more pregnancy losses that occur before week 28 of pregnancy. While this loss can feel incredibly discouraging, many families go on to have healthy babies with the support of fertility treatment.

Overcoming recurrent pregnancy loss through treatment

There are numerous ways the team at our Virginia fertility center helps women and men who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss.

  • Receiving the right diagnosis. One of the most important components of overcoming pregnancy loss is discovering why it happened. Our specialists work closely with you to determine the cause of your fertility challenges, so you can move forward. This testing often involves genetic screening, bloodwork, pelvic ultrasounds, and other evaluations that assess hormone levels and the health of the reproductive organs.
  • Beginning a treatment plan. After Fady Sharara MD receives your results, he’ll work with you to create a fertility treatment plan that gives you the best chance of developing a healthy pregnancy.

We’re committed to being by your side through each step of overcoming recurrent pregnancy loss.

Emotional support for pregnancy loss 

In addition to receiving quality fertility care at our Virginia fertility center, we recommend utilizing resources that can help you process the pain of your loss.

  • Join a support group. Many hopeful parents find that connecting with other women and men who have experienced pregnancy loss helps them feel less isolated in their grief.
  • Seek a counselor who specializes in pregnancy loss. Depression, anxiety and other challenges might arise after a pregnancy loss. Receiving professional support from a counselor who specializes in guiding hopeful parents through this type of loss can provide valuable insights and coping skills.
  • Allow yourself to mourn. It’s natural to have a range of feelings after losing a pregnancy. While some wish to push these emotions aside, an important part of processing the loss is moving through the feelings.

Our compassionate team is here to provide quality fertility support and recommend resources for emotional healing. Contact us for more information about overcoming recurrent pregnancy loss.

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