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Donor Egg Cycle

Donor Egg Treatment Cycle

If you have been unsuccessful with fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF then donor egg treatment may be right for you. This treatment offers one of the highest rates of success and allows a woman to carry a child and give birth. Average fresh transfer (not frozen) cycle pregnancy rate for donor egg treatment in the US is approximately 43%. However, VCRM has achieved success rates almost double that average.

At VCRM, we offer high-quality service in a small, boutique where our donor egg patients (and our egg donors) receive caring support. Patients love our continuous care approach where the same doctors handles all appointments. This approach offers our patients the piece of mind they deserve and the privacy the desire. It also allows us to be intimately aware of a patient’s medical history. The best part is that this personalized service does not come at any added cost. In fact, our patients find that our rates are generally very comparable or even lower than area clinics when compared apples for apples.

Who Can Benefit From Donor Egg Treatment ?

  • Premature ovarian failure where menopause has started early
  • History of failure with other fertility treatments such as IVF, and IUI
  • Diminished ovarian reserve – eggs produced are of low quality usually due to age
  • Risk of genetically transmitted disease being passed down to the child

Why Consider VCRM For Donor Egg Treatment?

  • High Success Rates: VCRM has one of the highest success rates in the US
  • Personalized Treatment: All your appointments will be conducted by Dr. Sharara unlike large   practices where you are treated by a variety of physicians
  • Friendly & Caring Staff: Our staff is regularly praised by old & new patients for being the best in the industry and for helping make a tough process much easier. Read our reviews to get a glimpse of what our customers have to say about us.

VCRM Donor Egg Treatment Success Rates

VCRM has one of the highest rates of successful pregnancies per cycle for donor egg treatment in the country.

In fact, Dr. Sharara is regularly commended for his high success rates by his peers in the fertility field and he has also been nominated as a Top Fertility Doctor by Washingtonian magazine continuously since 2005.


For a breakdown of our 2011, 2012 and 2013 results, please visit Donor Egg Results.

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