Egg Donor FAQs

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What’s involved in the screening process?
After filling out the easy preliminary application, VCRM will contact you. If you are a qualified candidate, you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about your background, medical, family and personal history. After that is complete and reviewed by our staff, we will call to arrange screening appointments with our psychologist and genetic counselor. The last step in the screening process is a physical examination with a doctor and laboratory tests.

Why is my Body Mass Index (BMI) important for Egg donation?
Becoming an egg donor is one of the most amazing gifts that you will give anyone; however, it should come with as little risk to you or to the intended eggs during extraction. Having a BMI within the normal range, between 21 and 27, is something that is important for the eggs and also for the safety of the egg donor (please calculate your BMI and do not apply unless your BMI is < 27). When you decide to become an egg donor it is important to remember that you are providing another person with what could be another life. In short, we would want to provide the healthiest chances for a fertilized embryo before starting out.

What is the time commitment for Egg Donation?
If you are a qualified candidate for our egg donor program, your time commitment is approximately one menstrual cycle. Once you are matched with a couple, your appointments will consist of ultrasound monitoring and every effort is made to accommodate your busy schedule.

Do I have to undergo surgery for the Egg Retrieval process?
The procedure to retrieve eggs is simple and done in our office. The eggs are retrieved vaginally by needle biopsy, under a light anesthetic. You will need to arrange for someone to give you a ride home on retrieval day.

Are there any restrictions during the entire process?
We ask that you abstain from intercourse during the cycle because you can get pregnant during the egg donation process. Your ovaries will become slightly enlarged during the egg donation process so we ask you to refrain from high-impact activities such as running, mountain biking and jumping until several weeks after the egg retrieval. After approximately one month, your ovaries will return to their normal size.

Will Egg Donation affect my chances of having children in the future?
Not at all. The procedure itself doesn’t have any impact on your future ability to have children. Women are born with about 2 million eggs. Each month, a group of eggs begin the maturation process. The body selects only one of those eggs each cycle to ovulate while the rest are absorbed by the body. Fertility medications “strengthen” some of these excess eggs for use that the body would have ordinarily discarded.

Who are the Egg Recipients?
Couples generally choose to use donor eggs because they’re unable to conceive a child with the female partner’s own eggs. There are many reasons that a woman may not be able to conceive with her own eggs including older age, early menopause, poor-quality eggs or previous cancer treatments that may have damaged the ovaries. Frequently, recipients have already been through extensive fertility treatments without success.

Will I get to know anything about the outcome of my Egg Donation Procedure?

No. Strict patient confidentiality will be observed. The patient couple will not be told your name or any other identifying information, and you will not be told anything about them, including whether or not a pregnancy resulted from your egg donation.

Can I donate more than once?
Yes. If all goes well with your first egg donation cycle, we would be happy to have you come back and donate again. Repeat donation may take less of your time because you will have already completed the initial screening process. A woman can donate her eggs up to six times and of course you will be compensated for your donation each time.

Can I refer someone I know to the Egg Donor Program?
Certainly! We always appreciate referrals and will even pay you $200 when a person you referred completes an egg donation cycle!