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Benefits of Egg Donation

The intangible benefits of egg donation

The highly successful egg donor program at our Virginia fertility center could not exist without caring young women whose healthy eggs make all the difference for our fertility patients. While our egg donors do receive compensation for completing a cycle, the benefits of egg donation extend far beyond the financial.

Benefits of egg donation include giving back

The patients at our Virginia fertility center come from different backgrounds and circumstances. However, many are unable to produce healthy eggs for pregnancy. Egg donation is the only way some hopeful parents can experience pregnancy or biological parenthood. One of the biggest benefits of egg donation is knowing that your eggs make all the difference in these hopeful parents’ lives. Many patients can benefit from donor eggs.

  • Gay men hoping for biological children
  • Older women who wish to become mothers
  • Women whose fertility has been affected by cancer treatments
  • Families using a gestational surrogate
  • Women with poor egg quality who wish to become pregnant

The egg donation program at our Virginia fertility center is anonymous. As a result, you may never know the full impact that your eggs have had on a family. However, you can rest assured that we do everything we can to promote the success of egg donation. Our program has higher pregnancy rates than the national average.

A clean bill of health

To give our Virginia fertility center patients the best chance of success with donated eggs, we only accept egg donors who meet our rigorous standards. These standards meet the testing recommendations of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) that promote the health and well-being of our donors.

Our evaluation of potential egg donors includes a comprehensive physical and mental health screening. The primary purpose of this exam is to ensure our potential egg donors are healthy enough to donate. However, an additional benefit of egg donation is having a world-class health assessment. Our providers will screen for common physical and mental health issues. This screening can give you peace of mind for your own reproductive future. It can also get you started on the path to early intervention for potential health concerns.

If you want to learn more about joining our egg donor program and the benefits of egg donation, please contact our office.