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Family Building for Gay Men

Family building for gay men begins at our highly respected Virginia fertility center

Gay men can adopt or foster children, which are wonderful ways to build a family. But some couples wish to have a genetic connection to their child. Family building for gay men begins with donor eggs and a gestational surrogate. Dr. Fady Sharara, our board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, works closely with couples, providing personalized care in the boutique setting of our Virginia fertility center.

VCRM was rated the best surrogacy program in the United States*

Gestational surrogacy is a vital component of family building for gay men. We know that finding a surrogate may seem overwhelming, but at VCRM our experience with surrogacy makes it less daunting and more do-able.

For the past 3 years, our Virginia fertility center’s surrogacy program was rated as the best surrogacy program in the U.S. on the website Men Having Babies. In addition, our gestational surrogacy success rate makes us a nationwide leader. VCRM’s unique Surrogacy Refund Plan also attracts gay couples to our center from around the United States and other countries.

Our Virginia fertility center has an egg donor program in place so that family building for gay men is just that much easier. Our program allows you to choose from a pool of egg donors that we have screened and tested to find women with healthy, viable eggs. Our egg donor program also has a success rate that is well above the national average.

We pioneered the dual embryo transfer used for family building for gay men

Family building for men at our Virginia fertility center is enhanced by the fact that we offer dual embryo transfers that allow both partners to participate in the pregnancy. We pioneered this technique in 2004, creating and transferring two embryos, one from each partner. Many gay couples desire this procedure and seek out treatment at VCRM.

Many are now also using PGS (preimplantation genetic screening) to allow the transfer on genetically normal embryos, resulting in an even higher success rate.

Our Virginia fertility center understands and supports gay men who want to start or add to their family

Family building for gay men is part of our desire to provide services for LGBT family building. Our Virginia fertility center provides couples with individualized care and support in an intimate, boutique setting. You will always see the same physician, Dr. Sharara, which allows you to become comfortable with him and our staff. Build your family in a place where you feel relaxed and confident—contact us to get started.