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Patient Care

Patient Care and Support at VCRM

Clinical excellence and patient care are only part of what the patients will tell you make the difference at VCRM. Our team understands that infertility is a considerately trying event involving a wide range of emotional and psychological issues that can create stress for any couple.

Our goal is for you to be secure in the knowledge that everything possible is being done to help you find a resolution to infertility and to start or add to your family.

As a VCRM patient, you also have access to our psychological support services, ranging from individual and group counseling to monthly patient support groups. You can also access our on-site acupuncture service provided by a licensed acupuncturist. VCRM’s personal approach is structured to support your individual needs and maximize your coping skills every stage along the way. Please visit our Patient Feedback section and review the experiences of some of our patients.

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