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ZyMōt Sperm Separation

ZyMōt sperm separation at VCRM

At VCRM we have migrated since July 2022 to using the new ZyMōt sperm separation device to all our IVF cases. This device simulates the natural barriers of the cervical and uterine pathway that sperm must overcome to fertilize an egg. It also enables separation of optimally functional sperm without the use of damaging chemicals or density gradient centrifugation.

ZyMōt ICSI Sperm Separation Devices have been shown to separate sperm with near-zero DNA fragmentation and a lower incidence of oxidative stress, compared to density gradient centrifugation, resulting in choosing the best sperm for ICSI. Recent studies have shown a higher fertilization rate and higher number of euploid (genetically normal) embryos.

In a study of over 3600 oocytes at The Fertility & IVF Center of Miami, the center observed a significant increase in fertilization rates, from 75% using their traditional sperm preparation methods to 83% when using ZyMōt devices, an 11% increase (p< 0.05).