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Cap-Score Sperm Function Test

The Cap-Score Sperm Function Test represents a new frontier in semen analysis

Cap-Score Sperm Function TestBefore the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test was introduced, semen analysis measured sperm count, motility and shape. The Cap-Score Sperm Function Test goes one important step further by being the first test to measure sperm -function. Our Virginia fertility center is one of the first centers to offer this revolutionary test.

The Cap-Score Sperm Function Test is the first to measure sperm capacitation

Sperm capacitation refers to a process that sperm undergo as they move upwards through the female reproductive tract to fertilize an egg. This test measures the sperm’s ability to penetrate and fertilize an egg. A sperm must go through two important changes in order for capacitation to take place.

  1. As the sperm moves, the head and the tail have to undergo transformations that enable them to begin to move in a hyper-activated swimming pattern. This pattern allows the sperm to successfully navigate its way up the fallopian tube and into the egg.
  2. In addition, special enzymes must be released in order for the sperm to pass through the layer of cells that surround the egg.

Cap-Scores give Dr. Fady Sharara the ability to personalize treatment options

This is the first test to tell us whether or not a man’s sperm actually has the ability to fertilize an egg. The test also tells us the percentage of sperm that have the ability to capacitate in a certain time frame. In a study from Cornell University, the chances for a pregnancy when doing IUI was <20% when the CAP Score was low, compared to more than 60% with a normal CAP Score. Many of our patients come to us after failing at other centers, and for those who failed multiple IUIs none have had a normal CAP Score. When we have this information, we are better able to help couples who come to our Virginia fertility center with infertility issues. For example, a male with a normal Cap-Score might be a better candidate for less invasive fertility treatment such as intrauterine insemination, or IUI. Men with a low score may be encouraged to pursue methods such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI, with IVF.

The Cap-Score Sperm Function Test is used in conjunction with traditional semen analysis to provide the most complete sperm analysis available today.

Dr. Sharara is one of the first fertility specialists to offer this revolutionary new test

Dr. Fady Sharara, one of the leading fertility specialists in the country, is proud to be one of the first to offer this Test. Contact us for an appointment today at our Virginia fertility center.