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The IVF Treatment Cycle

An overview of the IVF treatment cycle

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a laboratory procedure at our Virginia fertility center in which sperm fertilizes retrieved eggs with the goal that they will form healthy, viable embryos for hopeful parents who are otherwise unable to have biological children.

IVF treatment cycles can help people in many different situations achieve the family they’ve dreamed of. An IVF cycle can be performed utilizing fresh or frozen eggs provided by the mother, or by using donor eggs. It can also be performed with the father’s sperm or donor sperm. An IVF treatment cycle is also an option for couples using a gestational surrogate.

Preparing for an IVF treatment cycle

At our Virginia fertility center, we enjoy high IVF success rates. This is in large part due to the preparation that goes into every IVF treatment cycle. We want our patients to have the best chance of success, and our team strives to ensure that patients are optimal candidates for an IVF cycle before we start. Here is a look at screening and examinations we perform before we may attempt IVF.

  • Medical record review. We will examine the medical records of hopeful parents, donors and gestational carriers. This helps us identify potential health concerns and determine whether IVF is the best option.
  • Genetic testing. We may recommend genetic testing for parents with a family history of a genetic illness or certain risk factors.
  • Physical health exam. We test hopeful mothers and gestational carriers to ensure that their bodies can support a pregnancy and will respond well to fertility medication.
  • Sperm testing. We want to ensure that the sperm we use in an IVF treatment cycle can successfully fertilize retrieved eggs.

The results of these tests can help us determine whether more procedures are needed before egg retrieval, or if additional steps should be taken in the lab to promote the successful fertilization of healthy embryos. They can also indicate whether preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) should be performed before embryo transfer.

Support at every step

We believe in providing personalized care for our patients. That’s why our Virginia fertility center physician, Fady Sharara MD, performs all patient procedures, including ultrasounds, during the IVF cycle. At our practice, we come to know our patients. Our testing, laboratory procedures and exams are all conducted under one roof for maximum convenience and comfort. We are here to support every patient during their fertility journey.

To learn more about the IVF treatment cycle or schedule an appointment, contact our office.