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DHEA and Infertility

DHEA and infertility studies at VCRM

At VCRM, we are currently evaluating DHEA and infertility in women with poor ovarian reserve and borderline high FSH and low AMH (< 0.70). DHEA is a weak androgen (male hormone) that is available as a supplement in most Vitamin stores. There are currently only a very small number of papers, mostly from one group, detailing their experience with DHEA. It seems that DHEA, when taken for at least 2-3 months, may increase fertility potential in some patients. The literature is indeed very scant, and we do not know currently whether DHEA provides ANY benefits. We believe DHEA MAY hold some promise for SOME patients with diminished ovarian reserve and high FSH and low AMH. If DHEA indeed shows promise in these groups, many women now relegated to donor egg or adoption may still have a chance at conceiving using their own eggs, with very significant implications for many women who cannot (or will not) proceed with donor egg or adoption.

We are currently performing a clinical trials on women with diminished ovarian reserve using DHEA. For more information about those studies, and whether you qualify to take part in these studies, please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr Sharara.