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INVOcell – A Cost Effective Alternative to IVF

The cost of IVF has been a major barrier to many infertile couples. In addition, some couples do not want to proceed with IVF because of religious, cultural, or other reasons, such as what to do with surplus embryos. At VCRM we are introducing a new, novel, and more natural method of treatment for such couples. We have devised a new cost effective and comprehensive treatment which eliminates the cost involved in an IVF lab resulting in significant cost savings.


Low cost IVF

INVOcellTM fertility treatment offers an alternative IVF treatment with the low cost technique without compromising the results. This technology has been recently cleared by the FDA, and is already in use in many countries around the world. The INVOcellTM is a small capsule that is used for the incubation of eggs and sperm. Unlike conventional IVF, where the eggs and sperm fertilize and develop into embryos in a laboratory, the INVOcellTM utilizes the women’s vagina as a natural “incubator” to support fertilization and embryo development. This novel technology offers patients a more personal approach to achieving pregnancy. Recent publications have shown that the success rates are similar to traditional IVF in select patients.


INVOCELL-DEVICE-IMAGEIn this technique the ovaries are stimulated similar to conventional IVF but significantly less medications (low stimulation) are used with the aim at collecting less than 8 eggs. The egg collection is done in a similar manner to conventional IVF. The eggs retrieved and within minutes are mixed with the husband’s sperms in a device called INVO cell (seen above). This small capsule is then placed in the vagina for 3-5 days. This is a painless procedure and the woman carrying an INVOcellTM device can comfortably walk and travel without any discomfort. The INVOcellTM is removed after 3-5 days, and 1-2 embryos are transferred back in the uterus (with the extra embryos, if available, potentially frozen for future attempts).

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