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Gender Selection Myths

Replacing 3 myths about gender selection with 1 important truth

gender selectionAll through time, parents-to-be have longed to have a boy or a girl, and they’ve tried many different methods to achieve gender selection. The problem with these mythical methods—they don’t really work.

Myth: Eating certain foods will produce a boy or girl.

Mom’s advice is to eat lots of red meat if you want a boy, and chocolate if you want a girl. Sounds appetizing, but it’s not effective!

Myth: Having sexual intercourse in certain positions is an effective method of gender selection.

Try the missionary position for a girl, but have sex standing up if you want a boy. Kind of limiting, right? Don’t buy it—it doesn’t work.

Myth: Having sexual intercourse at certain times of the day, month or year will give you the boy or girl you want.

Wait for a full moon before you have sex to have a girl, or wait for the quarter moon for a boy. Who has time for that nonsense? What you need is a tried, true and proven method for gender selection.

What’s the truth?

PGS combined with IVF is the most effective method for gender selection. More importantly, PGS identifies the embryos that are chromosomally balanced and most likely to lead to a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

Today, hopeful parents don’t have to rely on old wives’ tales for gender selection. At our Virginia fertility center, we can help you with gender selection and family balancing for personal or medical reasons.

Your baby’s gender is determined by X and Y chromosomes—two X chromosomes means you will have a girl; one X and one Y chromosome means you will have a boy. After the eggs have been fertilized with sperm during the IVF treatment cycle, preimplantation genetic screening, PGS can take place.

This genetic screening procedure allows the laboratory team to select only healthy embryos of the desired gender to transfer to the mother or gestational carrier.

At our Virginia fertility center, we want to help you build the family you dream of, and we offer state-of-the-art procedures, provided by our experienced reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Fady Sharara. If you would like to balance your family with a little girl or boy, contact us.


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