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Infertility Facts to Prove You Are Not Alone

Struggling with infertility is usually a surprise for women and couples.

20500598_sEmotions can range from sadness to anger, confusion, frustration and hopelessness. Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine (VCRM) team works with women and couples going through these obstacles on an ongoing basis. We do our best to provide comfort, compassion, understanding and HOPE. It’s important and refreshing (for some) to know that while you are facing some difficult times, you are not alone!

Consider these statistics

  • 10% of all women in the United States (over 6 million women) have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. Source:
  • Infertility is not exclusively a woman’s problem. In fact, 35% of infertility problems are related to the woman, 35% are related to the man, 20% is a combined problem with a couple and 10% is unexplained. Source:–friends/myths-and-facts.html
  • 85%-90% of infertility conditions can be treated with medicine, therapy or fertility treatment. Source:
  • Within 2006-2010, 7.4 million women used an infertility service to try to conceive.

Deciding to use the assistance of a fertility center to try and conceive can be exciting, overwhelming and maybe even difficult to accept. Again, you are not alone. Even celebrities like Celine Dion, Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and Jimmy Fallon have struggled with infertility!

Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine understands the array of emotions and thoughts a woman or couple are going through. The team at VCRM is dedicated to providing a supportive and personal experience for its patients. Our professional and knowledgeable experience will determine the best approach to achieve your dreams of becoming a parent. To learn more about our doctor, staff and fertility center you can visit

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