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Don’t Forget About the Guys – Male Infertility Awareness

Fertility issues don’t just happen to women – Male infertility awareness

Fertility issues don’t just happen to women – Male infertility awarenessOur Virginia fertility center is proud to help some of the estimated 1 in 8 couples in the United States struggling with infertility. While only women can carry a pregnancy, men have a big role to play in making it happen. With insufficient sperm quantity or quality, the attempt to get pregnant is doomed to fail. However, the right treatments can help men and couples overcome male infertility. 

Male infertility awareness leads to treatment

Dr. Fady Sharara at our Virginia fertility center knows that infertility can feel isolating, even though it is quite common. When you worry that you may be suffering from male factor infertility, you may feel hesitant to call the guys together to talk about it. One place you should never hesitate to ask about male infertility is with Dr. Sharara, because he can offer effective treatment.

  • Lifestyle changes. Simple things can make a big difference in infertility. Maintaining a healthy weight, cutting out steroids, cigarettes or alcohol, and reducing stress can all help.
  • Medication. Drugs to treat erectile dysfunction or address male hormonal imbalances can help restore function and boost fertility for some men.
  • Procedures. Male fertility can sometimes be restored surgically. In other cases, couples can use procedures like intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) during an IVF cycle to work around male infertility challenges.

With so much of the focus on treating female infertility, the guys can get left out. You can help promote male infertility awareness by talking about it. You may be surprised by how many male friends and family members have experienced it.

Support for all patients

At our Virginia fertility center, we know that male infertility can involve feelings of inadequacy, stress or shame, just like female infertility. But we’re here to help by promoting male infertility awareness. We have years of experience guiding men through fertility treatment. Support is available, and pregnancy is possible. It just takes the courage to ask for help.

If it’s time to get evaluated for male infertility, contact our office.

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