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Our Surrogacy Program

Our Virginia fertility center’s surrogacy program made us the #1 fertility clinic* rated in a survey conducted by Surrogacy Advisor

We are proud to say the surrogacy program at our Virginia fertility center received the highest overall score for fertility clinics reviewed in a survey conducted by Surrogacy Advisor on the website Men Having Babies.

Reviewers gave us a 9.75 out of 10.0 overall satisfaction rating

People who took the survey ranked the quality of our medical services, or the “contribution to the success of our journey,” as 9.90 out of 10. They also provided very positive comments about our surrogacy program.

  • Dr. Sharara is a wonderful and compassionate man. All of the office staff are professional and understanding of same sex couples and issues. As a physician myself, we felt confident every step of the way with this clinic.”
  • “The staff at the clinic were extremely friendly, supportive and approachable. They made all of us (intended parents and surrogate) feel at ease, comfortable and that they genuinely wanted to help us on our journey.”

Remarks such as these affirm that our surrogacy program is hitting our goal of providing excellent, personalized and inclusive service.

Our surrogacy program

The surrogacy program at our Virginia fertility center enables same sex and male-female couples to have the families they desire. We are proud to have the highest success rate in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.**

Couples may want to consider our surrogacy program for a number of reasons.

  • Our Virginia fertility center offers high quality care and support in a personal and friendly environment. Dr. Fady Sharara is with you on every step of your journey, ensuring that patients become well acquainted with our physician in this boutique-like setting.
  • Pricing for our surrogacy program is easy to understand because we try to include most of the necessary services in one overall package for one price. During the first year, if you should need services such as assisted hatching, embryo freezing and storage, or extended cultures, it is all included—you will not be billed extra for those services.

The surrogacy program at our Virginia fertility center is here to help you achieve the family you’ve been hoping for, and to build a bridge to a family for men having babies. For more information, contact us.

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