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Trying to conceive after being on birth control

A common question we are asked at the Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine is “How long does it take birth control to wear off?”
Some women take birth control to prevent a pregnancy, while others take it to regulate their periods.

Once a woman decides to stop taking birth control to conceive, it only takes about a week for the hormones to leave your system. Your body will then begin to function on its own and produce follicles again, leading you to ovulate.

Each woman’s body is different, it may take a couple of week to ovulate and for others it may take several months. On average, it takes two to three months for your body to regulate. Whether you have been on birth control for a few months or several years, your body should go back to ovulating fairly quickly, regardless of the time period. However, if you had problems with ovulation before starting the pill, the same issues may still be there. If Dr. Sharara deems it necessary, medication to induce ovulation may be prescribed.
There are no known issues involved with getting pregnant after stopping birth control. It is recommended to wait at least one period cycle before trying to conceive. This will help Dr. Sharara determine your time of ovulation and better calculate your birth due date. 
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