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A 411 on Fertility Abbreviations

Are you new to the “Trying to Conceive” club? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact there are forums, support groups and blogs for just about ANY topic you may want to research or involve yourself with. What you may not realize is, there are abbreviations for almost EVERYTHING. We’re talking medical stuff here; can you really spell “Intrauterine Insemination” off the top of your head? Obviously it’s easier to shorten it up as IUI. The Virginia Center of Reproductive Medicine has compiled a list of the most frequently used menstrual, fertility and reproductive health abbreviations and acronyms to help you along during your TTC journey. We hope you find it helpful!

AF: Aunt Flo — menstruation/period
BBC: BabyCenter
BBT: basal body temperature
BC: Birth control or before children
BCPS: birth control pills
BFN: big fat negative (after taking a pregnancy test)
BFP: big fat positive (after taking a pregnancy test)
BM breast milk, or bowel movement
CD: cycle day
CF: cervical fluid
CM: cervical mucus
CS or C/S: cesarean section
DPO: days past ovulation
EBF: extended breastfeeding, exclusively breastfeeding
EBM: expressed breast milk
EDD: estimated due date, or expected date of delivery
EWCM: egg white cervical mucus
FF: formula feeding
HPT: home pregnancy test
IC: incompetent cervix
IUI: intrauterine insemination
IVF: in vitro fertilization
L&D: labor and delivery
LP: luteal phase
MC or M/C: miscarriage
O: ovulation
O’d: ovulated
OPK: ovulation predictor kit
PG: pregnant or pregnancy
PPD: postpartum depression
RE: reproductive endocrinologist
SD: sperm donor
TTC: trying to conceive
US or U/S: ultrasound
VBAC: vaginal birth after cesarean section

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