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What to expect after an embryo transfer

The IVF treatment cycle consists of several parts. In this article, we will be focusing on what to expect after an Embryo Transfer and the activities you can engage in.
Five days following the Egg Retrieval the patient will have the Embryo Transfer (ET). The procedure only takes approximately 15 minutes; afterwards, a patient will remain in a horizontal position for about 15 minutes. She will then be discharged to leave.
Directly after the Embryo Transfer patients should go directly home or to your hotel and take it easy for 24 hours. This does not mean staying in bed. You can do all your regular activities but avoid strenuous exercise or carrying heavy objects.
You may have some watery discharge. This is from the vaginal wash and not the embryos “coming out”.
The day after your transfer, you may resume light normal activities.It is important to stay on all your medications. These medications support the uterine lining and help maintain a pregnancy. These are usually estrogen & progesterone through pill, injection, or vaginal suppository.
We advise our patients to avoid travel for 24 hours so that they are near their doctor in case any complications, such as bleeding, arise.
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