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Couples Pursuing Surrogacy

Gathering resources: a checklist for couples pursing surrogacy

Couples Pursuing SurrogacyCouples who are ready to have a baby may be considering gestational surrogacy as a way to build their family. At our Northern Virginia fertility center, we encourage couples pursuing surrogacy to make a checklist to help them gather their thoughts, feelings and resources to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

A checklist for couples pursuing surrogacy begins with information gathering

The first step is information gathering. Learn more about the process by reading books, visiting online surrogacy support communities like RESOLVE and talking with surrogacy agencies. Our experienced reproductive endocrinologist, Fady Sharara, M.D., and our staff are always happy to provide more information about the process and how it works at our Northern Virginia fertility center. We work closely with few agencies.

The basic checklist for couples

  1. Meet with a reproductive endocrinologist.

    Couples pursuing surrogacy should begin the process by seeing a fertility specialist to discuss their reproductive health and how they want their surrogacy process to proceed.

  2. Prepare emotionally for the surrogacy process.

    Couples need to talk about their feelings about surrogacy. Often, it’s helpful to talk with a counselor to fully explore emotions.

  3. Line up financial resources.

    Couples should determine how much money is needed for the entire surrogacy process, including fees for the surrogacy agency, attorney fees and medical bills.

  4. Choose a surrogate.

    For couples pursuing surrogacy, choosing a surrogate can be a daunting prospect, but with help and support, the process is very manageable.

  5. Take care of the legalities.

    During the surrogacy process, legal contracts are a necessity. An experienced attorney will be able to handle all of a couple’s legal needs.

  6. Prepare yourself for parenthood.

    Don’t forget the fun stuff – getting ready for the baby. Read about caring for the baby and sign up for childcare classes.

  7. Prepare for the baby’s birth.

    Couples pursuing surrogacy should read and learn about pregnancy and attend childbirth classes with their surrogate to feel like part of the pregnancy.

  8. Enjoy the ride.

    Surrogacy is a different path to parenthood and having a sweet, new baby to love.

Couples pursuing surrogacy should contact our Northern Virginia fertility center for more information.

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