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Deciding on Egg Donation

Deciding on egg donation can be an emotional decision

Deciding on Egg DonationOne option for people who wish to become parents but have experienced difficulty is donor egg IVF. However, deciding on egg donation can bring its own concerns. Dr. Fady Sharara encourages people to ask questions and seek counseling to address any emotional issues surrounding this decision.

Concerns about the donor when deciding on egg donation

People who are deciding on egg donation may choose an egg donor that is known to them or choose someone from our egg donor program. At our Northern Virginia fertility center, we address several concerns that people may have.

  • The egg donor’s physical health – For our program, we select healthy young women who have been thoroughly screened and examined and determined to be in excellent physical health.
  • Her mental health – When deciding on egg donation, people may worry that their donor might pass on genetic tendencies for mental illness, but our thorough physical and mental evaluation addresses these issues.
  • Her reasons for donating – During the egg donor’s psychological assessment, she is always asked about her reasons for donating and her feelings about being in contact with the child after the child’s birth.

People who are deciding on egg donation at our Northern Virginia fertility center can rest assured that our egg donors are thoroughly screened and evaluated and privacy and confidentiality is a top priority.

Egg donation can be a wonderful way to start or add to a family

We understand that every decision people make when starting or adding to their family is emotional, but once they have worked through any concerns they may have and asked all their questions, deciding on egg donation can become a less complicated decision.

Individuals and couples who are deciding on egg donation should know that they can examine the physical features, traits and characteristics of our carefully selected egg donors. Even though a woman cannot pass on her genetic traits to her child, she is able to hand-pick an egg donor who has appealing physical characteristics and traits. If she is carrying her husband or male partner’s child, the baby will have her loved one’s genetic traits. Gay couples may choose an egg donor known to them or choose an anonymous donor.

Our egg donor success rate is impressive, and people who are deciding on egg donation will appreciate the personal approach at our Northern Virginia fertility center. Contact us for more information.

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