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Fertility Clinic: How to choose the right one

It is estimated that there are almost 500 Fertility Clinics throughout the United States. So when a woman or couple begins to explore Infertility Therapy, there are a lot of options to consider. There are a variety of Fertility Clinics to choose from:
·      Sole Practitioner
·      Small Practices
·      Large, Full Service Practices
·      Networks
·      University and Hospital Clinics
The sole practitioner or smaller practices offer a more personable experience, with more direct access to your doctor than larger practices or universities.  Full service practices usually have the laboratory and other resources on site, which is convenient for women however communication is usually done through nurses and staff. In fact, you may even have the uncomfortable experience of seeing a different doctor each time you have an appointment.
IVF, IUI, or any Infertility Therapy is a costly investment. Each clinic’s’ cost will vary, and it is important to ask exactly what is included for the service. While cost is an important consideration, don’t let it be the determining factor.
When selecting a Fertility Clinic, it is important to review their success rates. It is suggested to compare multiple clinics fertility reports and choose a center that has above average success rates. Choosing a fertility center with higher success rates may help woman and couples achieve positive results quicker and at a lower cost.
The Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine (VCRM) is a unique Fertility Clinic because it offers its patients the best of both worlds – a boutique and personalized setting as well as a highly successful onsite laboratory. At VCRM, patients are guided through their evaluation and treatment by the same physician who is initimately familiar with their specific situation. This allows the practice to create a highly custom treatment plan for each patient and the results speak for themselves.
In 2013, VCRM had 76% better live birth results (delivery of an actual baby) than the National Average! VCRM has also been rated very highly in the Washington DC area by the Washingtonian magazine. Additionally, an independent data aggregation website ranked VCRM #2 in the United Stats for its results in patients between 35-37 yrs of age.
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