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How to Select an Egg Donor

When you select an egg donor

How to select an egg donorPatients seeking to become parents through our Virginia fertility center often benefit from the use of an egg donor. Our team is sensitive to the many concerns that come up as you select an egg donor for your family. To help guide you, we have compiled suggestions to help you make this important decision.

How to select an egg donor

Hopeful parents at our Virginia fertility center can use either known or anonymous egg donors. A known egg donor is brought to our practice by the hopeful parents. She can be a family member, friend or acquaintance who meets donation criteria.

Hopeful parents without a known egg donor can enroll in our anonymous egg donor program. In choosing a donor, these parents have access to medical and personal information, but do not learn the name of the donor. There are several considerations when parents select an egg donor.

  • Physical appearance. Looks aren’t everything, but many hopeful parents want children who look like them, or who have the physical characteristics they’ve always longed for.
  • Physical and mental health. Donors should be physically and mentally healthy. This promotes the health of the child resulting from the donated egg and ensures that the donor avoids potential health risks during donation.
  • Education and interests. Some hopeful parents want egg donors with college degrees, strong writing skills or perfect pitch, in the hopes that intelligence, a love of learning or musical talent might be passed down.
  • Compatibility. The right egg donor should feel like a good fit for the family. Whether she shares interests with the hopeful parents, or just seems like a kindred spirit, feeling a connection to the donor will help hopeful parents feel more comfortable with the process.

It takes time and patience, but choosing the right egg donor for your family is worth the effort.

Our egg donor qualification process

When you select an egg donor through our Virginia fertility center’s donation program, you can rest assured that she has been rigorously vetted to ensure her safety and the quality of her eggs.

To ask our team about our egg donation process, or to get started on your fertility journey, contact our office today.

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