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When to Have Ovarian Reserve Testing

4 signs that you should have ovarian reserve testing

Ovarian Reserve TestingOvarian reserve is an important indicator of your fertility potential and the time left on your biological clock. Your ovarian reserve tells us about the quantity (but not quality) of your remaining eggs, as well as where your ovaries are in the aging process. Our Virginia fertility doctor wants women to know when to have ovarian reserve testing.

Here are the four signs for women that indicate they need to pursue ovarian reserve testing.

  1. Age is an important reason to have ovarian reserve testing.

    If you are at any age, especially if age 35 or over, and you have been trying to get pregnant for six consecutive months with no success, you should have ovarian reserve testing. A woman is born with all of the eggs she will have during her reproductive years – no more will be made. As a woman ages, the number of her eggs diminishes steadily, especially after 35, making age a primary factor in female infertility.

  2. Women at higher risk for premature menopause should be tested.

    There are certain conditions and situations that cause a woman to have an increased risk for diminished ovarian reserve, including a family history of premature menopause, and having erratic or irregular periods.

  3. Women who have had cancer treatments are candidates for testing.

    Women who have undergone any cancer treatments may have a depleted egg supply.

  4. Having a history of ovarian surgery for endometriosis is a reason to pursue ovarian reserve testing.

    Trauma to the ovaries, such as those caused by ovarian surgery, is an important reason to have ovarian reserve testing.

Our experienced team is here to help patients begin their families

Ovarian reserve testing is an essential component of a fertility evaluation. Our Virginia fertility doctor is one of the most experienced and respected specialists in the field of reproductive endocrinology, and patients appreciate his personal approach to care.

In addition to ovarian reserve testing, we offer a wide variety of fertility treatments, testing and other programs to help you have the family you desire.

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