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Selecting a Surrogate

Help with selecting a surrogate

Help with selecting a surrogateA surrogate, or gestational carrier, is a woman who carries a pregnancy for patients who are unable to physically carry a pregnancy. A surrogate can be a friend, a family member or a woman selected from a surrogacy agency.

Our Virginia fertility center does not arrange surrogacy, but we maintain high standards to help ensure that hopeful parents and their surrogates are safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Tips for selecting a surrogate

At our Virginia fertility center, we insist that surrogates are physically healthy enough to support a pregnancy. For this reason, they must have carried at least one healthy pregnancy to term. We also ensure that surrogates are psychologically prepared for the challenges presented by IVF and surrogate pregnancy. Here are some things hopeful parents should consider when selecting a surrogate who meets our standards.

  • Relationship after birth. The hopeful parents and the surrogate should understand how much the surrogate will be involved in the child’s life after the pregnancy.
  • Communication expectations. The hopeful parents will want updates on the pregnancy, but boundaries should be respected on both sides. Establish how, when and how often parents and surrogates will communicate before starting treatment.
  • Pregnancy health and delivery. Hopeful parents should be clear about their hopes and expectations for behavior and health during the surrogate’s pregnancy. They should also understand and support the surrogate’s delivery plan.
  • Support system. Hopeful parents should choose a surrogate who has a solid social and medical support system.

While surrogacy is becoming more common, it can still present complicated legal questions. To preserve everyone’s legal rights, we require both the hopeful parents and the surrogate to have an attorney. We also require hopeful parents using a surrogate to either provide the egg used in the pregnancy themselves or to use an egg donor.

Support each step of the way

Our Virginia fertility center providers understand that surrogacy can be a physically and emotionally demanding process for everyone. We offer in-house counseling and put our years of experience to work to promote the best results possible.

If you are interested in pursuing surrogacy or have other questions about fertility treatment, please contact us.

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