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What is Reciprocal IVF for Lesbians?

Exploring reciprocal IVF for lesbians

Exploring reciprocal IVF for lesbiansAt our Virginia fertility center, we put our experience to work to help hopeful parents achieve the families they’ve dreamed of. Reciprocal IVF for lesbian couples is a powerful process that allows both of a baby’s mothers to share a biological connection with their child. Reciprocal IVF works by transferring an embryo that has resulted from the fertilized eggs of one mother to the other mother’s uterus for pregnancy.

How reciprocal IVF for lesbians works

As with every fertility treatment at our Virginia fertility center, reciprocal IVF for lesbians begins with a thorough medical workup. Both mothers need to be healthy enough for an IVF cycle. They must also choose a sperm donor for fertilization. The reciprocal IVF cycle works as follows.

  • Using birth control pills, we synchronize both mothers’ menstrual cycles.
  • We use medication to stimulate the ovaries of the mother whose eggs will be used in the cycle. We monitor her carefully to ensure that her eggs are developing well.
  • When her eggs are mature, we’ll retrieve them during an in-office procedure that takes place while she is in twilight slumber under an anesthesiologist’s care.
  • We move the retrieved eggs to the lab, where our technicians expose them to the donor sperm.
  • Our doctor will transfer one embryo to the uterus of the mother who will carry the baby, hopefully resulting in a successful pregnancy.

The legal rights of mothers who use reciprocal IVF are still unsettled. It is essential for both mothers to be clear in their understanding of their rights, responsibilities and wishes for the future rights of the other in case of death, divorce or separation. Legal counseling may be advisable for help in establishing parental rights for both mothers.

Empowering fertility treatment

At our Virginia fertility center, we understand that reproductive choice matters. We are excited to offer lesbian mothers an option that allows both parents to be fully involved in building their family.

If you are interested in pursuing reciprocal IVF for lesbians or have other questions about fertility treatment, please contact us.

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