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Questions to Ask During your Initial Infertility Consultation at a Fertility Clinic

When you have come to the decision that it is time to consult with a Fertility Center it important to know what to expect at your initial consultation. The doctors and staff at the Virginia Center for Reproductive Health in Reston, Virginia have put together some helpful hints for your Initial Infertility Consultation.
  • To prepare your body for a successful pregnancy, VCRM recommends the following, even before meeting with your Fertility Specialist for the first time:

1)   Quit smoking
2) Eat a balanced diet
3) Take a pre-natal vitamin daily
4) Exercise and be active daily
5) Eliminate or reduce stress in your daily life

  • Once you have an appointment confirmed with a Fertility Center, you will receive a Patient Registration packet. There will be a variety of forms to fill out, these are usually required to be sent back to the office BEFORE your consultation

  • Your consultation usually will be between one to two hours.  You will meet your doctor and review your medical history and discuss your family’s goals. Depending on your history, age and interest, your doctor will order a variety of diagnostic tests to evaluate you and your partner. Most fertility centers also have a genetic and financial counselor to meet with, depending on your needs

  • Be sure to provide your doctor with your full and accurate fertility history, bring any records you may have from previous fertility centers or gynecological surgery

  • Know your schedule. If you have a vacation planned, work commitments or other events that cannot be rescheduled, share these plans with your doctor so diagnostic testing and treatment can be scheduled accordingly

  • Compile a list of questions. Brainstorming the questions, concerns and topics you want to discuss is helpful. You will receive a lot of information during the consultation, take notes!
Just as there are many factors that can cause infertility, there also are many factors that can affect your chances for successful treatment including your age, your personal diagnosis, duration of infertility, and the number of previous unsuccessful treatment attempts. In addition, chances for your success will be influenced greatly by the specialists involved with your care and continued attention to details. It is important to find a fertility center that can best assist at making your dreams a reality.
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