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Trying to Conceive (TTC) in your 30’s

A growing percentage of women are trying-to-conceive later in life. In the 1970’s, the average age on a new mother was around 24 or 25 and now the average age for getting pregnant is about 30.
Women are trying-to-conceive later in life because of a variety of factors like being career oriented, extending their education and just too busy to find “Mr. Perfect”.
Most couples will succeed in conceiving in their 30’s, though it most likely will take a bit more time and effort. Other couples may face some infertility hurdles and turn to fertility treatments for support. As we age, our fertility declines. This goes for women, and to a lesser extent, men! When a woman is TTC in her 30’s, the monthly chance of conception drops to less than 15%.
So what can be done to make TTC in your 30s more successful?
·      Staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking or drinking excessively
·      Focus on a healthy diet and maintaining a proper weight
·      Once your are TTC, chart your fertility to discover when you ovulate during your cycle
A popular trend amongst successful, busy women is Egg Freezing. A woman’s fertility peak is in their early 20’s and begins to decline thereafter. If a woman uses her “younger” eggs, meaning eggs she froze in her 20’s or early 30s, her chances of pregnancy success are much higher.To learn more about Egg Freezing, we invite you to visit:
Age does play a factor in fertility however each woman’s situation is different. To learn more about The Effects of Age on Fertility, we invite you to visit:

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