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Valentine’s Day for Couples Struggling with Infertility

Love and support for couples struggling with infertility

Love and support for couples struggling with infertilityAt our Virginia fertility center, we extend our love to all couples struggling with infertility. For them, traditional Valentine’s Day messages can fall a little flat. Tokens of affection and reminders of love, though well-intentioned, can sometimes serve as a sad reminder of the little one they dream of welcoming. The worry, frustration and grief that come with infertility sometimes seem as though they’ll never lift.

Couples struggling with infertility can take heart

Nothing can kill the romance in a relationship quite like infertility. Spontaneous intimacy is replaced by discouragement and disappointment. For couples who are struggling with infertility, here are some tips to help make Valentine’s Day a little more loveable this year.

  • Have an adults-only date night. Visit an art museum, bar or restaurant where there are unlikely to be children. This will allow you to enjoy yourselves without being reminded of the children you long for.
  • Pamper each other. Infertility is draining and can lead to feelings of inadequacy. Build each other back up by taking turns enjoying your favorite activities, exchanging compliments or getting a couple’s massage.
  • Open up. Share how infertility makes you feel and develop a plan of action with your partner. Getting on the same page can reduce stress and offer hope.
  • Take on a fun challenge. Instead of focusing on the uncertainty of infertility, choose an exciting activity like a rock climbing class, dance lessons or even a round of laser tag that will let you laugh and learn together.

Taking the time to reconnect on Valentine’s Day can help couples feel better equipped to face infertility on the other days of the year.

Hope for couples struggling with infertility

Couples struggling with infertility can find new hope in the hands of the experienced team at our Virginia fertility center. We take the guess-work out of infertility treatment to help patients find the best chance of success. We offer full-service fertility testing and treatment and work with your current OB/GYN to coordinate care and keep your doctor in the loop.

This Valentine’s Day, our Virginia fertility center is here for the couples seeking to add that special someone to their family. To learn more about the services we offer and find hope, contact our office today.

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