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Who Needs Egg Donors?

Who needs egg donors? We do!

Who needs egg donors? We do!Our Virginia egg donor program is looking for qualified egg donors. If you are thinking about becoming an egg donor, you should know that our process benefits many people who would otherwise be unable to experience pregnancy and parenthood.

Who needs egg donors? Hopeful parents

Single people and couples alike benefit from eggs donated through our Virginia egg donor program. Here are some examples of who needs egg donors to achieve a healthy pregnancy:

  • Older mothers. A woman’s eggs start to deteriorate in her mid-30s, so she is less likely to conceive. Donor eggs allow older women to experience pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Same-sex couples. While many lesbian couples can use an egg provided by one of the mothers, gay hopeful dads need egg donors if they want to have biological children.
  • Hopeful parents with infertility. There are many causes of infertility. In some cases, a hopeful mother has ovaries that are dysfunctional or that produce poor-quality eggs. Egg donors allow these women to experience pregnancy.
  • Cancer survivors. The very cancer treatments that can save a woman’s life can damage her eggs. Women whose fertility has been impaired by cancer treatment may need donor eggs to achieve pregnancy.

The answer to who needs donor eggs continues to evolve. What doesn’t change is that the generosity of egg donors can make all the difference in a hopeful parent’s dreams.

Thinking of donating eggs?

Our Virginia egg donor program works to ensure the safety and anonymity of egg donors and the recipient families who benefit from their eggs. Egg donation recipients cover the costs of an egg donor’s medical care and the retrieval procedure. Egg donors are also compensated for the gift of their time and generosity.

To learn more about our egg donor program and start the application process, contact us.

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